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Hemp’s comeback

Posted on January 1, 1999

Sixty years ago, the federal government outlawed hemp farming and brought to an abrupt end the cultivation of a plant that had been grown in Canada since the arrival of the earliest settlers. A much-employed member of the Cannabis genus, hemp’s only crime was that it closely resembled its mood-altering and lucrative cousin, marijuana.

Our bundle

Posted on December 1, 1998

Our tester pastures mares and foals. To accustom the new babies to being handled and lightly groomed, she totes a bucket of grooming tools to the pasture to work on the youngsters. She was delighted with the convenience offered by this 100-percent hempwoven grooming tote.

Beat weed

Posted on December 1, 1998

DEA agents are on the lookout for anyone growing industrial hemp, a crop the Clinton administration fervently believes can contribute to drug addiction. This is pretty unlikely.

The poetics of grief and the price of hemp in southwest China

Posted on November 1, 1998

This article explores the nature of grief and mourning in this community by examining connections between the work of grief and work with hemp. It investigates the values attached to hemp in this part of China, both its market values and the sensuous values entailed in its production and use, relating the verbal and material poetics of grief to the specific historical conditions under which hempen cloth was produced and marketed in the twentieth century, especially the latter half.

High noon

Posted on November 1, 1998

The mayor of Grand Forks aimed to make his town hemp central. Then came the showdown. One evening two Junes ago I sat on the porch of the double-wide trailer that’s home to Brian Taylor, mayor of Grand Forks, British Columbia, population 4,300. We shared a drink, admired his hillside view east across the Sunshine Valley, and together tried to make some sense of his complicated life.

Softness slows enviro-paper shipments

Posted on October 1, 1998

North America is awash in paper. The unfavorable currency situation and financial crisis in Asia is drawing tons of paper to our shores. Uncoated freesheet imports are up 30% (from Canada, Asia, and Brazil), and coated paper is up 10% (from Europe and Asia). Mills have done a good job of curbing inventory, but it has not been enough to keep prices firm.

Alternative crops to ease lumber shortage

Posted on September 28, 1998

Three unusual crops may be the answer to a lumber shortage expected to have a large impact on the building and paper industries in a few years. Duane Johnson, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension alternative crops specialist developed products from pulps derived from three crops-kenaf, sunn hemp and sesbania.

Hemp oil, natural hempress — a new cosmetic ingredient

Posted on September 1, 1998

Despite the fact that the more recent variants of the hemp plant have been used for narcotic purposes, research has indicated that the plant may have other uses. New seed variants have been developed which have a very low content of the narcotic agent Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the plant matter from these is being put to a wide variety of uses from the manufacture of high quality paper to cloth suitable for tailoring.

Naturally beautiful

Posted on September 1, 1998

Hemp Oil from the seeds of Cannabis sativa is extremely high in essential fatty acidsideal for parched lips, hands, and feet. Try Hemp Elbow Grease by the Body Shop.

TexStyle’s new wallcoverings and fabrics exhibit the enduring qualities of hemp

Posted on September 1, 1998

Betsy Ross used it to sew our first flag. Columbus used it for the sails of his three ships. For centuries, hemp has been used in sailcloth, rigging, canvas, paper, rope, and sackcloth. Recently, modern technology has softened hemp for use in more interior applications, although it still tests as strong as flax and twice as durable as cotton. It has only 5 percent elongation (ability to hold its shape), one of the lowest of any natural fiber, which makes it a good choice for contract upholstery and wrapped wall panels.