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Hemp’s good habits

Posted on August 1, 1998

What do bibles, Adidas sneakers and the first draft of America’s Declaration of Independence have in common? The fact that they’ve all been made from hemp, the hippest and most controversial plant material around. Strong, fast-growing and resistant to weevils, hemp’s versatility is lauded by its fans.

Bamboo paper is not forest-friendly

Posted on July 1, 1998

As public interest in “tree-free” paper has grown, some companies within the pulp and paper industry have seized upon tropical bamboo as a “green” alternative to virgin wood fiber. but industrial use of tropical bamboo, combined with an escalating global paper demand, threatens what remains of the world’s last intact bamboo forests.

Pliny’s laughing leaf

Posted on July 1, 1998

Now American Liberty League was made when I was born, They strangled hemp for plastics dawn. Their profits fuelled foul biocide And Wannsee’s manic genocide. Technotic hubris culls creation: Raise commons hemp, ’tis our salvation. At the heart of this Ecologist you will now find a representation of that laughing leaf of antiquity: the watermark of our Treefree hemp content, long-life paper.

A lifetime with the song of the loom: Kim Chom-sun

Posted on July 1, 1998

Tolshil residents have long been known for their fine textured hemp cloth. Hemp cloth woven in Tolshil is as delicate as ramie, which is why the villagers’ products earned a reputation for their exceptionally high quality. The techniques used to produce an item of tribute for the royal court have been handed down from generation to generation, with this expertise being designated an intangible cultural asset by the Korean government.

Smoke a rope?

Posted on June 15, 1998

Anyone who hopes that legalization of commercial hemp means they can get a buzz by lighting up a rope or jacket or sheet of stationery will be disappointed, according to a group of farmers and a trade organization that filed a lawsuit to make it a lawful crop again.

Canada will let farmers grow hemp — carefully

Posted on June 1, 1998

Canadian farmers have the federal government’s permission to grow hemp this year, but they’d best be careful. The fibrous plant, long used for making rope and more recently touted as an alternative to wood for making particleboard, is perhaps better known as marijuana. Its cultivation has been illegal in Canada since 1938.

Legalize hemp

Posted on April 1, 1998

There is no magic bullet solution to the dilemma of how to protect the world’s forests. It is clear, however, that forest-preservation strategies — in the United States and around the world — must go beyond efforts to set aside land in national or privately run parks.

Video Review: The Hemp Revolution

Posted on March 1, 1998

George Washington grew it. Thomas Jefferson urged others to grow it. So how did hemp earn its rep as Public Enemy Number One? Australian director Anthony Clarke traces the much-maligned plant’s history from its revered status in ancient Sumeria to its modern-day vilification.

Don’t turn around

Posted on February 28, 1998

Like, wanna win loadsa free booze? Of course you do. But this isn’t just any old booze — oh no sireeeee. TURN is a hemp lager, discovered by a couple of young UK music fans (Paul & Mark) while out clubbing in Berlin last year. They liked it so much that they began making plans to start selling it over here.

Retro and plush dominate toy fair wares

Posted on February 9, 1998

The Hip Hemp Creations kit — whose instructions state that “contrary to popular belief, industrial hemp has no hallucinogenic properties” — is designed to appeal to the tween children of baby boomers who remember playing with kits when they were kids.