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Hemp’s Hip New Status

Posted on February 15, 2004

“People are trying to switch to a more healthy lifestyle and to be more eco-conscious,” says Mitchell Rosenfield, who co-owns The Hempest with Jonathan Napoli. “And, once they get started living with hemp products, it gets addictive. It gives a good feeling. It’s nice to know that the fabric you spend so many hours of your life with…is natural and free of chemicals.”

Dennis Kucinich on Industrial Hemp

Posted on February 15, 2004

Dennis Kucinich supports legalizing the growing of hemp in the United States. Vote Hemp has graded the candidates’ positions and given Kucinich an A+.

“Drug” lollies uproar

Posted on February 14, 2004

Trading standards bosses are to push for the outlawing of “cannabis lollies” on sale in Leeds sweet shops.

Hemp saves sea from sewage dumps

Posted on February 12, 2004

Hemp crops can be used to mop up troublesome sewage effluent that would otherwise be dumped at sea, say Australian researchers.

Court Tells DEA it Cannot Regulate Naturally-Occurring THC in Hemp Food Landmark Decision Opens Way for Expansion of Hemp Food Industry

Posted on February 6, 2004

US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit: The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), representing over 200 hemp companies in North America won their 2 ½-year old lawsuit today against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in a decision that permanently blocks DEA regulations that attempted to ban nutritious hemp foods such as waffles, bread, cereal, vegetarian burgers, protein powder, salad dressing and nutrition bars.

“Cannabis lollies” spark outrage

Posted on February 6, 2004

Police and trading standards officers are investigating the sale of sweets called “cannabis lollies”. The green lollies, labelled as containing hemp extract, have been sent for analysis after going on sale in shops in Leeds. Trading standards chiefs were alerted by a mother who complained that the sweets may lead children into drug use.

Alcons Introduces VR12 Speaker for Portable or Permanent Applications

Posted on February 6, 2004

The RBN601 ribbon driver features the unique “HempHorn.” This wave-guide is made of a new combination of composite materials with natural hemp fiber structures. In contrast to traditional glass fiber horns, the HempHorn features the same stiffness as conventional (glass fiber) horns, but is characterized with a much higher internal damping (at same weight). This results in a so-called “inaudible” waveguide, without the well-known “harsh horn sound”.

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

Posted on February 1, 2004

A New Year brings vision, determination and hope to Canada’s industrial hemp sector. So says the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance / Alliance Commerciale Canadienne du Chanvre (CHTA/ACCC), a national coalition of farmers, processors, marketers and researchers.

Woody Harrelson at festival for documentary on eco-journey

Posted on January 30, 2004

Woody Harrelson finally got to be himself. The 42-year-old actor has run the gamut of roles since his teens, from serial killer to pornography mogul to drag queen.

Woodless paper interest grows

Posted on January 27, 2004

Alberta’s pulping sector is kick-starting a new trend that could see local farmers plant crops for paper production instead of food. Interest in using crops such as flax and hemp as alternatives to wood in papermaking is high as rising global demand for paper clashes with limited forestry resources, said Wade Chute, manager of the pulp and paper division of the Alberta Research Council Inc.