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Maintaining her rage

Posted on November 6, 2000

If activism is the rent we pay for being on the planet, as the slogan goes, then Anita Roddick pays a lot of rent. The 57-year-old beggars description — environmentalist, human rights activist, leftie, international celebrity, anthropologist, educator and entrepreneur. All fit. Even with all her hats on, she still has more dynamism, energy and passion to bring to her work and life.

Hemp a possible solution to environmental concerns, low crop prices

Posted on November 6, 2000

With environmentalists urging citizens to use recyclable energy sources and family farmers struggling because of poor commodity prices, some people suggest introducing a controversial crop: hemp.

Backers push hemp as a wonder plant

Posted on November 2, 2000

Growing hemp for industry could supplement incomes for tobacco farmers, but government controls on marijuana still limit its production, hemp supporters say.

Follow-up letter to Agri-Talk

Posted on October 29, 2000

I believe hemp presents us with the means-and therefore the duty- to forge a renewed sense of Freedom and Liberty in this country. I also believe it is precisely times like these that our Constitution is designed to get us through. I think you are more aware of the hemp issue now then before but I’d like, if you’ll permit me, the chance to take you to the next level in terms of what I think this issue is really about.

What’s the message in a bottle at The Body Shop?

Posted on October 25, 2000

Last week, Anita Roddick told the Cheltenham Literature Festival that: “Moisturisers do work, but the rest is complete pap.” The newspapers immediately rushed off to Selfridges’ cosmetic department to find out which were the best moisturisers, and which expensive cleansers and toners qualified as the pap.

Trip Report: 3rd International Bioresource Hemp 2000 Symposium

Posted on October 24, 2000

University of Gulelph professor Gordon Scheifele shares his experiance at Bioresorce Hemp 2000.

European Union asks Greece to lift ban on legal hemp products

Posted on October 24, 2000

The European Commission said on Tuesday that Greece is using its anti-cannabis law to block the sale of harmless hemp-based products such as sandals, shawls and trendy writing-paper.

States Petition for Right to Grow Industrial Hemp

Posted on October 22, 2000

Maryland and Hawaii are among the states trying to find a crop to plant in fields once dedicated to tobacco and sugar. Their answer? Hemp. Although hailed for its many uses, hemp was banned in the US many years ago. As Kathleen Koch reports, the hemp debate is growing.

Legislator Appeals for Common Sense

Posted on October 17, 2000

I was a co-sponsor of HB 1576-FN-A in 1998 and sponsor of HB 239-FN-A in 1999 both relative to the growing of industrial hemp. I sent a letter to all US Senators dated September 27, 1999, only three, yes three out of one hundred Senators even gave me the courtesy of a reply. Their response was stereotypical Drug Enforcement Agency.

Hemp Oil Canada Inc. launches new hemp food and hemp body care product lines

Posted on October 16, 2000

Hemp processing pioneer, Hemp Oil Canada is pleased to announce the launch of their new hemp food and hemp body care product lines.