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McCaffrey to Leave Drug Control Policy Office

Posted on October 16, 2000

White House drug control policy director Barry McCaffrey announced on Monday he will resign two weeks before the inauguration of President Clinton successor in January.

Plasticana hemp sandal

Posted on October 15, 2000

Plasticana — a thermoplastics material combining hemp fiber with industrial manufacturing process (injection) — will be commercially available soon, in the form of the traditional french beach sandal.

Solid hemp

Posted on October 14, 2000

Puffing on a marijuana cigarette while, say, cruising along California’s Highway 101 is still illegal, but you can drive a convertible on the road with door panels made partially from hemp, marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin.

A truly cool hemp operation

Posted on October 14, 2000

They are starting to manufacture hemp ice cream, made from the oil of organic vegan hemp seeds. They call it Christina’s Cool Hemp. To me, the chocolate version tastes just like chocolate ice cream.

Hemp Study OK by Congressional Candidates

Posted on October 12, 2000

The major-party candidates for the 6th Congressional District last night expressed cautious support for studying whether Kentucky farmers should be allowed to grow industrial hemp.

Everything from candy to jerky goes natural at Baltimore expo

Posted on October 12, 2000

At the Natural Products Expo held last month in Baltimore, a woman in a colorful lunch truck was handing out samples of Boca Burger, the vegetarian patty once associated with sandal-wearing sprout eaters. Only now, Boca is owned by Kraft.

Kentucky Hemp Growers Co-op offering to replace Lakota Indian’s hemp destroyed by Drug Enforcement Agents

Posted on October 12, 2000

In a pre-dawn raid on August 24, 2000, thirty-three (33) heavily armed Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) trespassed onto the sovereign Lakota Nation at Pine Ridge and destroyed two industrial hemp crops being grown as a commercial venture under tribal ordinance. As it turns out the loss of the plant material, which was going to be used for composite construction materials, will not slow down the Lakota Hemp Project.

DEA Not Hemp To The Jive

Posted on October 11, 2000

When Minnesota National Guardsmen set fire to some 35,000 stalks of wild-growing marijuana, seized in “Operation Emerald Harvest” last August, they were highly excited with their accomplishment. “We’re breaking some hearts today,” a staff sergeant joked to a St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter on the beat.

Canadian groups work together to create a niche market for hemp

Posted on October 8, 2000

Industrial hemp has been a legal commercial crop in Canada for three years. The potential is good for new markets and industrial hemp is, right now, a profitable venture, according to Guy Cloutier. He cautions, however, that marketing the flora cousin to marijuana is new and risky and is not the “cure all” that many believe.

Artmain offers hemp clothing

Posted on October 8, 2000

Beth Kjelson and Becky Piehl have quietly been selling products made of hemp for the past four years. Together the duo owns and operates ArtMain in downtown Minot, a store Kjelson says is devoted to quality and community.