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HempNut, Inc founder Richard Rose guest appearance on the Roseanne Show

Posted on July 23, 1999

HempNut founder Richard Rose and Roseanne Barr make a potato salad, and talk about all aspects of hemp. Both are dressed all in hemp clothes.

CGP strengthens its role in the hemp industry

Posted on April 13, 1999

Consolidated Growers & Processors Inc. (CGP) has announced a series of corporate developments strengthening its role as the world’s first multinational industrial hemp company. A public venture formed in 1997 to expand the global market for hemp, CGP is accelerating its activities worldwide: completing its capital formation and strategic development, appointing a new executive management team and forging affiliations with farmers, researchers, manufacturers and even the United Nations in its conviction that hemp will one day be traded as commonly as wheat or cotton.

American Farm Bureau Drops Opposition To Hemp

Posted on January 21, 1999

Delegates for the American Farm Bureau Federation withdrew language approved last year opposing research and domestic cultivation of industrial hemp, Reuters News Service reported.

Man-made fiber

Posted on January 1, 1985

The late 1920s and 1930s saw continuing consolidation of power into the hands of a few large steel, oil, and chemical (munitions) companies. The U.S. federal government placed much of the textile production for the domestic economy in the hands of their chief munitions maker, DuPont.

Two Hemp Processing Companies Chempco has 40 on Payroll; 12 At Cannabis, Inc

Posted on December 31, 1937

Two hemp processing companies brought to Winona in 1937 a new industry here for which the promoters see a good future development bringing an increase in jobs for Winona employees and a new and profitable cash crop for Winona area farmers.