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University in bid to build house of hemp

Posted on August 24, 2004

Regarding houses made from hemp bricks, “It’s got the same structural integrity, it’s a lot lighter and it’s got much better insulation qualities,” he said.

Air Force Says Hemp Skin Care Products Not Prohibited

Posted on August 19, 2004

The Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) representing thousands of businesses and the Hemp Industries Association’s (HIA) 200 member companies received written clarification this week from the United States Air Force Surgeon General’s Office that hemp skin care products are “not prohibited” under a policy dating back to 2001 that bans ingestion of hemp foods by Air Force personnel.

Healthy Nut Butters Are Spreading

Posted on August 14, 2004

According to a recent report from MarketLooks entitled the “Changing Face of Nut Butters,” more than 181 million adults in the U.S. use nut butters on their toast or in their sandwiches. While peanut butter is still the most common nut butter, the popularity of alternative natural nut butters is spreading.

9/11 Flag Created From Industrial Hemp

Posted on August 7, 2004

The company is creating 10,000 flags from industrial hemp. The flags feature an emblem, depicting the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and an airplane in flight, which Maslak and Sheaffer spent eight months copyrighting.

Illinois Farmers Hope To Grow Hemp

Posted on July 29, 2004

Many Illinois farmers raised the plant, including Paul Taylor’s father. The old hemp processing plant still stands near his family’s Esmond farm. Taylor said he would like to put the building to good use once again.

Hemp Fiber Enzyme Development Presentation from Hemptown Clothing provides insight into Biotech advances

Posted on July 27, 2004

Hemptown Clothing Inc., a leading provider of enviro-friendly hemp fabric clothing is pleased to announce that its recent presentation with the National Research Council of Canada provided excellent documentation regarding the impact of NRC’s xylanase engineering on the Pulp & Paper Industry, and how such a similar enzyme may work with hemp fiber.

2nd Annual Lakota Hemp Days

Posted on July 19, 2004

You’re Invited: Alex White Plume, his family, Hemphasis Magazine, the South Dakota Industrial Hemp Council, and those involved with the Lakota Hemp Project invite you to attend the 2nd Annual Lakota Hemp Days on the Pine Ridge Reservation this August 25th through 29th.

Making the mold

Posted on July 10, 2004

Composite America molds fabrics containing hemp, flax and jute into interior panels for machinery, vehicles and airplanes.

Cover Me With Hemp

Posted on July 8, 2004

National Research Council (NRC) technology could help clothe Canadian athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, B.C. and help pave the way for a range of advanced products made with industrial hemp, such as auto parts and airplane fuselages.

Czechs roll out marijuana flavoured liquor

Posted on June 25, 2004

A large alcoholic drinks manufacturer has launched marijuana flavoured liquor, the company said. The drink does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the active substance in marijuana.