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Re: DEA Interpretive Rule Banning Hemp Foods & Hemp Oils

Posted on December 21, 2000

Our company, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, uses over 30,000 lbs. of refined hemp oil and 2000 lbs. of unrefined hemp oil a year in our soaps. The hemp oil’s essential fatty acids make our soaps much smoother and less drying, improving the afterfeel dramatically. We face immediate harm from the Interim Rules in having to re-formulate and re-label our soaps without hemp oil, and devastating long-term harm to our reputation and quality.

Cannabis was once held in high esteem

Posted on December 21, 2000

Certainly, the nation owes much to Jefferson for his key role in getting us started. And a funny thing is, if today’s drug war tactics had applied back in his time, and if he had been busted with all those cannabis plants at Monticello, Jefferson may well have been a convicted criminal instead of an elected president.

Three Successive Lab Reports say, “No THC detected in hemp seed oil!”

Posted on December 20, 2000

Just yesterday morning routine testing at Maxxam Analytics Inc., a leading Canadian testing laboratory serving the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and occupational health industries, once again, found absolutely no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol in samples of Hempola hemp seed oil.

The DEA Plans to Sneak in Hemp Ban Over Holidays and Play Scrooge to Ontario’s Hemp Farmers

Posted on December 20, 2000

Another U.S. hemp ban? After U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno declared that it wasn’t hemp products, but rather previous U.S. bans on hemp products which were illegal, the Canadian hemp industry thought it could finally put its efforts into building this new and promising industry, rather than wasting time and resources fighting misguided U.S. governmental policies.

The Hemp Report #15 is now online

Posted on December 20, 2000

We got the good and the bad in this edition of the Hemp Report. It’s been that kind of year.

Hemp Activism Hits the Streets

Posted on December 19, 2000

If you’re driving on the interstate this summer and you smell a strange odor don’t worry, you’re not having a flashback and that isn’t a “doobie” you smell, it’s hempcar. The exhaust won’t “catch you a buzz,” but the car is creating one among hemp activists and environmentalists. It’s a car powered by hemp seed oil and it will be touring the country to promote drug-law reform and environmental fuel technologies.

Kentucky hemp helps Oglala Sioux building project

Posted on December 18, 2000

Standing beneath the sculpted faces of four presidents, former Republican Governor Louie B. Nunn of Kentucky turned over a trailer load of industrial hemp to Milo Yellowhair of Pine Ridge.

Discoveries in Cave Speak Volumes About History

Posted on December 18, 2000

Dry, tranquil conditions inside Hill Rolls Cave preserved for thousands of years perishable hemp sandals, grass bedding, primitive brooms and fragments of baskets. Pieces of knotted string recovered from the cave still bend to the human touch and bounce back after more than three millennia in storage.

Former hippie finds business success

Posted on December 17, 2000

For years, Sue Kastensen traveled from town to town in an orange Volkswagen bus, selling homemade lip balm in parking-lot bazaars outside Grateful Dead concerts.

New DEA regulations

Posted on December 15, 2000

The regulations will be devastating to the efforts to legalize industrial hemp in the USA. The regulations also will seriously impact or actually kill products made with industrial hemp which are intended for human consumption. This will include hemp lip balm, any hemp products which could be used to soothe nose/sinus, or anything that DEA claims could be “ingested.”