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Hemp factory boost for farmers

Posted on July 13, 2000

A high-tech business processing hemp for the manufacturing industry could help transform the prospects for cash-strapped farmers in Wales. Welsh Assembly Agriculture Secretary Christine Gwyther will open the Bio-fibre factory near Caernarfon, which will create 15 jobs.

Growers fleeing hemp

Posted on July 13, 2000

To get Ethelbert Heck’s blood boiling, just inquire about his hemp. “Don’t ask!” said the Liebenthal, Sask., farmer. Last summer, he contracted 34.18 acres, precisely, with Consolidated Growers and Processors Inc.

Hemp for Health?

Posted on July 12, 2000

According to the latest research, there are about 45 nutrients that humans can’t live without, and which their bodies can’t manufacture: 21 minerals, 13 vitamins, eight amino acids and two essential fatty acids. No single food has them all. But when a food is discovered that is a rich source of several essential nutrients, such as hemp seed, it makes nutrition news.

David Bronner Steps up to Plate for Vote Hemp

Posted on July 11, 2000

We are glad to announce and are deeply appreciative that David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps has just contributed $2,000.00 to further our efforts at Vote Hemp. We are now at the point in our goals where we can send out the position request letter to the congressional and presidential candidates so we can begin creating the voter guide, David Bronner’s contribution will help in completing this task.

A hazy future

Posted on July 9, 2000

Tobacco farmers, who face giving up the crop upon which Colonial Maryland’s economy was built, are struggling to answer one burning question: What could they grow that could possibly be as profitable? Some growers of the region’s distinct burley have already turned to vegetables and fruits. Others are looking at everything from wine grapes to beer hops and even hemp, the relative of marijuana. And still others will stick with tobacco until the market goes up in smoke.

Day-long industrial hemp forum coming to town

Posted on July 6, 2000

Growing fields of industrial hemp as freely as corn or soybeans is a controversial idea that just won’t go away, said Winnebago County Board Supervisor Nancy Barker. Instead of keeping tight-lipped and in the dark, the grandmother, Menasha city councilor and agriculturally-minded county supervisor reasons, “Why not talk about it?”

Conference Agenda Reflects Debate Over Hemp

Posted on July 6, 2000

Growing hemp could mean new prosperity for dairy farmers who dumped milk in a Fourth of July protest against low market prices that no longer cover the cost of their traditional operations, a county official says.

Hempwell, Inc Announces Panel, Discussion Group, Exhibit at National Conference of State Legislators

Posted on July 6, 2000

Hempwell, Inc announces that industrial hemp will be a main topic on the agenda of the annual National Conference for State Legislators to be held July 16-20 in Chicago, Illinois. Industrial hemp will be featured at a legislative panel, a discussion about hemp economics, and an exhibit at the trade show that accompanies the conference.

Britain asked to repay millions in farm subsidies

Posted on July 5, 2000

Britain is being asked to pay back nearly £12 million to Brussels in misspent farm subsidies. The European Commission said the clawback is being demanded because of inadequate national controls on the use of the cash and for failing to comply with Euro-rules in flax and hemp production.

Potential for Growth

Posted on July 2, 2000

If marijuana is the black sheep of the cannabis clan, hemp is surely the chosen offspring. After being banished by government for about 60 years, it is suddenly legal and hip again. But everyone, from government officials to prospective producers, remains uncertain over how to handle the future of the wayward plant.