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EEK 70 million hemp factory to be built in Estonia

Posted on August 6, 2008

The factory will start operating with full capacity in 2009. Full capacity means processing about 15,000 tons of hemp fiber, grown on 1.500 hectares of land. In essence, the factory will buy hemp stems from farmers and process them to get the fiber.

North Dakota, three other states make pitch to allow hemp cultivation

Posted on February 17, 2006

North Dakota and three other states made their case today with the US Drug Enforcement Agency to allow the cultivation of industrial hemp, according to the state Department of Agriculture.

California assembly OKs bill letting farmers grow hemp

Posted on January 26, 2006

A bill approved by the state Assembly Thursday would add California to the growing number of states seeking to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp — a biological relative of marijuana. Supporters claim that despite its family links, hemp is a completely safe product that could become a cash crop for California farmers because of its use in a long list of products from soap and cosmetics to rope, jewelry and even luggage.

Event thrown for groups hoping to legalize hemp

Posted on September 24, 2005

Some people are pulling out all the stops to make hemp a legal crop in South Dakota. This event is called the Hemp Throw Down, a gathering for groups looking to legalize hemp.

Winnipeg Will Be The Center of The Hemp Business Universe

Posted on September 22, 2005

Why Winnipeg? “Manitoba is the heart of hemp seed production,” says Mike Fata, co-founder of Manitoba Hemp Foods & Oils — one of the partners for the event.

Hemp on the Hill

Posted on September 22, 2005

At a recent Capitol Hill luncheon to mark the introduction of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2005, about 100 congressional staffers feasted on a five-course gourmet hemp meal.

Support Industrial Hemp

Posted on September 20, 2005

First, write our congressmen asking them to stand up to the smokestacks and support HR 3037. Second convince our state senators to make Nebraska the sixth progressive state allowing the growing and production of industrial hemp.

Revenue, potential high but so are the costs

Posted on September 20, 2005

This is the 32-year-old farmer’s second shot at growing organic hemp for a budding market. After last year’s poor crop, he planted 200 acres on two fields in what he called his “do or die year.” Despite this year’s heavy rainfall that negatively affected farm production across the province, McKenzie has decided to continue growing hemp.

Hemp seen as fuel substitute

Posted on September 20, 2005

With gas and oil prices at an all-time high, the alternative solution for residents throughout Amherst and the country for energy is hemp.

Hemp Oil Canada Announces $1 Million Dollar Expansion & Relocation

Posted on September 20, 2005

Shaun Crew, President & Founder of Hemp Oil Canada, was pleased to report the implementation of a $1 million dollar expansion and relocation for Canada’s largest producer and processor of bulk hemp food products to Sainte Agathe, Manitoba. Today’s announcement follows more than 2 years of planning.