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Uses for Hemp Cord


Hemp cord performs very well for making jewelry, beading and macramé because it makes attractive and firm knots. The most popular size for making jewelry is 20# size (1mm diameter) and is available in 20 colors.


Unlike many other fibers, hemp is round by nature, so as a cord it is easy to work with and does not cut plants or the hands tending them. Its also fully biodegradable and naturally weather resistant. Use 48—170# (1.5—3mm diameter) size for tying and binding vines or tomato plants, staking trees, etc.


Use as an attractive accent to a variety of decorative projects.

Hang Tags

Add flair to your products. Commonly used for clothing, gift tags, baked goods, Christmas tree ornaments, etc.


An excellent choice for tying, binding, securing or wrapping a wide variety of products such as natural, environmentally friendly, vintage, shabby chic, or homemade.