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Western Australia hemp hopes go up in smoke

Posted on October 3, 2004

For eight years, businessman Kim Hough lobbied Western Australia (WA) governments for approval of an estimated $1 billion-a-year industry that would boost local farming. The only problem was, it was illegal. Then, on May 19, the Industrial Hemp Act of WA came into effect. It allowed the cultivation and processing of industrial hemp with less than 0.35 per cent tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient of cannabis or marijuana.

University in bid to build house of hemp

Posted on August 24, 2004

Regarding houses made from hemp bricks, “It’s got the same structural integrity, it’s a lot lighter and it’s got much better insulation qualities,” he said.

Western Australia Gets the green light for commercial hemp production

Posted on June 17, 2004

The bill was then proclaimed as an act of Parliament on the 19th May 2004 and since that time the new Registrar for the industry has been appointed removing the obstacle of having to deal with the Ministers for Agriculture, Police and Health.

New South Wales to extend hemp production trials

Posted on May 9, 2004

The New South Wales Government is extending its trials of commercial hemp production but has warned anyone interested in growing the crop that it only contains low levels of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Hemp production trials extended

Posted on May 9, 2004

Trials of commercial hemp production would continue in New South Wales (NSW) despite the limited success of tests underway since 1995, State MP Steve Whan said.

New South Wales researchers experiment with cannabis “mop-crop”

Posted on April 28, 2004

Genevieve Hussey reports on the unlikely plant that’s now being touted as the answer to one of Australia’s biggest environmental problems.

High-flying pigeons land trio in court

Posted on April 16, 2004

A Devon Meadows pigeon racer and breeder who was growing more than 200 cannabis plants says he only did it for the birds — all 1000 of them.

Planting Computers

Posted on March 30, 2004

It’s not every day you come across a grower whose crop will be harvested by a Japanese firm to go into computers and mobile phones. But Andrew Saunders is such a farmer. He’s growing kenaf, a fibre crop, similar in appearance to industrial hemp.

Hemp growers send cannabis to educate politicians

Posted on March 23, 2004

Two and a half tonnes of cannabis has been sent to Federal Parliament in a bid to educate politicians about the difference between industrial hemp and marijuana.

Man, that’s good sewage — but hemp trial has dope dealers in a spin

Posted on March 6, 2004

If Keith Bolton has his way, hemp — the great symbol of the hippy North Coast — will be coming to a sewage treatment plant near you very soon. And to your wardrobe, your pantry, your car and your medicine cabinet.