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Hemp Life Works

Posted on March 4, 2004

Located on Locke Street just south of Main, Hemp Life Works offers more than just a plethora of hemp products — it offers a lifestyle. For Christeen Urquhart, the store’s proprietor, the medium is the message.

Got munchies? Try hemp

Posted on March 3, 2004

Hemp seed is one of the most nutritionally powerful and complete food sources, jam-packed with essential fatty acids and amino acids including omega-3 and omega-6. Essential fatty acids are not made by the human body and must be acquired through diet.

Third Canadian Hemp Festival Going As Planned

Posted on February 17, 2004

The third Hempola Family Farm Festival (now a biennial event) is going full steam with its planning and will happen August 7 and 8, 2004.

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

Posted on February 1, 2004

A New Year brings vision, determination and hope to Canada’s industrial hemp sector. So says the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance / Alliance Commerciale Canadienne du Chanvre (CHTA/ACCC), a national coalition of farmers, processors, marketers and researchers.

Woodless paper interest grows

Posted on January 27, 2004

Alberta’s pulping sector is kick-starting a new trend that could see local farmers plant crops for paper production instead of food. Interest in using crops such as flax and hemp as alternatives to wood in papermaking is high as rising global demand for paper clashes with limited forestry resources, said Wade Chute, manager of the pulp and paper division of the Alberta Research Council Inc.

Barrie Hemp Company Spinning in the Confusion Over the Big Marijuana Bust

Posted on January 22, 2004

Ask Hempola Inc. president Greg Herriott what he thinks of last week’s huge marijuana bust in Barrie and he rolls his eyes and states, “we now spend half our daily conversations explaining to customers and people we had nothing to do with it! Mind you, most of these people know there is no connection. They’re long term customers… it’s been a real joke topic, but it sure has raised the awareness level for us; almost as much notice as our involvement last year with the American Music Awards.

Hemptown Clothing receives largest order to date, opening full US market

Posted on January 14, 2004

Hemptown Clothing Inc. has received its largest ever wholesale distribution order, from TSC Apparel, one of America’s largest promotional wear distributors. TSC will offer Hemptown’s line of environmentally friendly hemp fiber T-shirts and sportswear throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, from its warehouses in California, Ohio, and North Carolina.

House of hemp

Posted on January 10, 2004

Kelly Smith and Greg Herriott built their new home as an homage to hemp. The walls of Smith and Herriott’s 4,500-square-foot house are filled with hemp weed, the floor and ceiling beams are stained with hemp oil, the roof is shingled with hemp composite and they plan to use hemp oil in the furnace.

Breakfast Brainfood

Posted on January 7, 2004

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What we choose to eat at breakfast can affect our mood, physical and mental performance, weight and general health. Hempseed is a delicious “natural body fuel” that is being used more and more as an ingredient in breakfast foods and recipes. Where did this trend come from?

Cannabis Genetics 101.2

Posted on June 1, 2003

Let’s look at what’s happening in the Hawaii project as an illustration. The issue in that case is one of adaptation. What we call “hemp” — or some prefer “industrial hemp” though I think “hemp” is just fine — is a breed of cannabis generally found in the temperate zones of the planet. The plant’s life cycle is driven by a genetically programmed response to the length of the night. Nights in the temperate zone begin to lengthen after summer solstice and the plants shift from vegetative growth — which has resulted in long stems — to reproductive phase, so seed will be set and matured by frost.