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Cannabis Genetics 101

Posted on February 1, 2003

Brian Taylor and I were talking about the many different varieties of cannabis already to be found with the private growers around the Kootenays. I wasn’t suitably amazed and he asked me to explain why. Variation is easy to generate, I begin. In fact, it’s almost impossible to avoid if you grow from seed. But why? Where do all those different types come from? OK. School’s on.

The DEA Plans to Sneak in Hemp Ban Over Holidays and Play Scrooge to Ontario’s Hemp Farmers

Posted on December 20, 2000

Another U.S. hemp ban? After U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno declared that it wasn’t hemp products, but rather previous U.S. bans on hemp products which were illegal, the Canadian hemp industry thought it could finally put its efforts into building this new and promising industry, rather than wasting time and resources fighting misguided U.S. governmental policies.

The Hemp Report #15 is now online

Posted on December 20, 2000

We got the good and the bad in this edition of the Hemp Report. It’s been that kind of year.

Canada urged to see peas’ potential, wheat’s wonders

Posted on December 4, 2000

Many industry leaders have suggested fractionation — increased growing of specialty crops for special uses such as medicines — is the wave of the future and the answer to farmers who struggle against commodity price fluctuations.

Supporters needed for lobbying Health Canada

Posted on November 22, 2000

Letters are needed from across the industry to support the CHFA’s efforts. Note that this is a small business issue and not a THC issue. We need to establish what percentage of business will be lost through the continued enforcement of section 3. (1) and to have a reasonable dollar estimate of what kind of market is being lost for the future.

Herriott’s happy with his hemp

Posted on November 22, 2000

Greg Herriott thinks hemp has had a bad rap. Because some hemp varieties produce marijuana, people tend to believe all hemp is bad and illegal. Actually, 12 non-marijuana varieties have been approved by the federal government for growing in Canada to produce oils, baking flour and fibres.

Hempseed company scouts future markets

Posted on November 9, 2000

In a province plagued by brain drain, it’s refreshing to receive a little injection of grey matter. Saskatchewan’s brain gain is courtesy of Jason Freeman, a young entrepreneur from Vancouver who recently moved his hemp business to Regina. The Saskatchewan Hemp Association, the provincial Agri-Food Equity Fund and a hempseed supplier called Gen-X Research Inc. influenced Freeman’s decision to relocate.

Hemp Oil Canada Inc. launches new hemp food and hemp body care product lines

Posted on October 16, 2000

Hemp processing pioneer, Hemp Oil Canada is pleased to announce the launch of their new hemp food and hemp body care product lines.

A truly cool hemp operation

Posted on October 14, 2000

They are starting to manufacture hemp ice cream, made from the oil of organic vegan hemp seeds. They call it Christina’s Cool Hemp. To me, the chocolate version tastes just like chocolate ice cream.

Canadian groups work together to create a niche market for hemp

Posted on October 8, 2000

Industrial hemp has been a legal commercial crop in Canada for three years. The potential is good for new markets and industrial hemp is, right now, a profitable venture, according to Guy Cloutier. He cautions, however, that marketing the flora cousin to marijuana is new and risky and is not the “cure all” that many believe.