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High hopes for hemp

Posted on March 8, 1999

It was one of the more unusual displays at last summer’s Society of Automotive Engineers International Congress and Exposition in Detroit. There, among concept cars featuring the latest technology, were the Kenex Ltd. folks, showcasing side panels, armrests, dashboards and insulated RV and trailer walls made with hemp, a plant that had been banned in Canada for 60 years.

Putting Cannabis Into Cars

Posted on March 1, 1997

Seeking to put more environment-friendly materials in its cars, Daimler-Benz may replace fiber-glass matte with industrial hemp.

The earth’s premier renewable resource

Posted on June 1, 1995

While forests diminish worldwide prices and demand for fiber are skyrocketing. A plant cultivated by our founding fathers may be the solution to our growing fiber shortage. Imagine a crop more versatile than the soybean, the cotton plant, and the Douglas fir put together … one that grows like Jack’s beanstalk with minimal tending. There is such a crop: industrial hemp.

Conde & Seber: Building Toward The Future With Hemp

Posted on July 1, 1994

All over the Pacific Northwest one can see the effects of the massive deforestation that’s been taking place out there during the past 20 years. Whole valleys and mountainsides have been clear-cut — stripped of all plant life — to meet our insatiable demand for fiber, paper and wood. So when High Times learned that Bill Conde, a longtime hemp activist who once ran for governor of Oregon, was researching making an alternative to plywood utilizing hemp, we decided to look into it.

Pinch Hitters for Defense

Posted on December 1, 1941

Over in England it’s saccharine for sugar; on the continent it’s charcoal “gasogenes” in the rumble seat instead of gasoline in the tank. Here in America there’s plenty of sugar, plenty of gasoline. Yet there’s an industrial revolution in progress just the same, a revolution in materials that will affect every home.