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The World Grows Hemp; US waits

Posted on December 22, 2000

While most farmers await the naming of a new agricultural secretary, a much smaller group of agriculturalists awaits new leadership in another area of government. They are more concerned with who will head up the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Re: DEA Interpretive Rule Banning Hemp Foods & Hemp Oils

Posted on December 21, 2000

Our company, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, uses over 30,000 lbs. of refined hemp oil and 2000 lbs. of unrefined hemp oil a year in our soaps. The hemp oil’s essential fatty acids make our soaps much smoother and less drying, improving the afterfeel dramatically. We face immediate harm from the Interim Rules in having to re-formulate and re-label our soaps without hemp oil, and devastating long-term harm to our reputation and quality.

The DEA Plans to Sneak in Hemp Ban Over Holidays and Play Scrooge to Ontario’s Hemp Farmers

Posted on December 20, 2000

Another U.S. hemp ban? After U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno declared that it wasn’t hemp products, but rather previous U.S. bans on hemp products which were illegal, the Canadian hemp industry thought it could finally put its efforts into building this new and promising industry, rather than wasting time and resources fighting misguided U.S. governmental policies.

Kentucky hemp helps Oglala Sioux building project

Posted on December 18, 2000

Standing beneath the sculpted faces of four presidents, former Republican Governor Louie B. Nunn of Kentucky turned over a trailer load of industrial hemp to Milo Yellowhair of Pine Ridge.

New DEA regulations

Posted on December 15, 2000

The regulations will be devastating to the efforts to legalize industrial hemp in the USA. The regulations also will seriously impact or actually kill products made with industrial hemp which are intended for human consumption. This will include hemp lip balm, any hemp products which could be used to soothe nose/sinus, or anything that DEA claims could be “ingested.”

New DEA Proposal in the Federal Register

Posted on November 30, 2000

DEA is planning to publish three rules simultaneously in the Federal Register regarding the status of products manufactured from the cannabis plant.

Lakota Indians Defying DEA; Accepts Kentucky Co-op’s Offer to Replace Destroyed Hemp Crop

Posted on November 26, 2000

Last August 24, in the centuries-old tradition of trampling on Native American rights, armed DEA agents invaded sovereign Lakota land and confiscated two hemp crops growing on the poverty-stricken Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Despite the DEA’s destruction of this crop, the Lakota Housing Project will soon be back on schedule.

Governor Nunn says DEA engaged in “bureaucratic self-preservation”

Posted on November 18, 2000

People who think it should be legal to grow hemp for food and fiber showed off an array of hemp products, from cosmetics to car parts, at a conference yesterday. For Kentucky farmers, it was a peek at what might be.

The Reliable Source

Posted on November 15, 2000

House Republican staffer Eric Bergren was doing his job yesterday morning, trying to obtain information about proposed federal regulations regarding “hemp-based” products for a constituent of his boss, Rep. Ron Lewis of Kentucky.

Hawaii Senate Judiciary Committee letter to the DEA

Posted on November 9, 2000

We understand that you are currently proposing to ban some hemp products. We are writing to urge you to reconsider this proposal.