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Follow-up letter to Agri-Talk

Posted on October 29, 2000

I believe hemp presents us with the means-and therefore the duty- to forge a renewed sense of Freedom and Liberty in this country. I also believe it is precisely times like these that our Constitution is designed to get us through. I think you are more aware of the hemp issue now then before but I’d like, if you’ll permit me, the chance to take you to the next level in terms of what I think this issue is really about.

Legislator Appeals for Common Sense

Posted on October 17, 2000

I was a co-sponsor of HB 1576-FN-A in 1998 and sponsor of HB 239-FN-A in 1999 both relative to the growing of industrial hemp. I sent a letter to all US Senators dated September 27, 1999, only three, yes three out of one hundred Senators even gave me the courtesy of a reply. Their response was stereotypical Drug Enforcement Agency.

McCaffrey to Leave Drug Control Policy Office

Posted on October 16, 2000

White House drug control policy director Barry McCaffrey announced on Monday he will resign two weeks before the inauguration of President Clinton successor in January.

Kentucky Hemp Growers Co-op offering to replace Lakota Indian’s hemp destroyed by Drug Enforcement Agents

Posted on October 12, 2000

In a pre-dawn raid on August 24, 2000, thirty-three (33) heavily armed Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) trespassed onto the sovereign Lakota Nation at Pine Ridge and destroyed two industrial hemp crops being grown as a commercial venture under tribal ordinance. As it turns out the loss of the plant material, which was going to be used for composite construction materials, will not slow down the Lakota Hemp Project.

DEA Not Hemp To The Jive

Posted on October 11, 2000

When Minnesota National Guardsmen set fire to some 35,000 stalks of wild-growing marijuana, seized in “Operation Emerald Harvest” last August, they were highly excited with their accomplishment. “We’re breaking some hearts today,” a staff sergeant joked to a St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter on the beat.

Analysis: Hemp seizure by federal agents on Indian reservation prompts review of tribal sovereignty and the legality of growing industrial hemp

Posted on September 26, 2000

A raid by federal agents on an Indian reservation in South Dakota is testing the limits of tribal sovereignty. Last month, DEA agents seized hemp plants being grown by the Oglala Sioux tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Give Us Back Our Hemp!

Posted on September 11, 2000

People gathered to show their support for the members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who had been trying to add industrial hemp to the paucity of cash crops grown on the nearby Pine Ridge Reservation. They came together to protest the draconian seizure of the hemp that had been growing in two plots on Pine Ridge.

Nader challenges Gore/Bush on US industrial hemp policy

Posted on September 11, 2000

Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader today challenged Al Gore and George W. Bush to explain their positions on industrial hemp and the opposition of the U.S. government to an agricultural crop that would benefit farmers and manufacturers while at the same time providing many environmental benefits.

Hemp growers, buyer sue

Posted on September 10, 2000

The growers of thousands of hemp plants seized August 24 and a Delaware company that had contracted to buy the plants have filed federal lawsuits in Rapid City to bar the destruction of the plants. Nearly 4,000 plants were taken by federal authorities from two plots on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Nader criticizes hemp restrictions

Posted on September 6, 2000

Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader joined people who want to grow and market industrial hemp Tuesday in criticizing federal agencies for making it difficult for farmers to grow the crop.