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Marijuana crops raided

Posted on August 25, 2000

Federal agents seized thousands of marijuana plants growing at two industrial-hemp test plots on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation early Thursday morning. No arrests were made, but grand-jury indictments are expected. For 1,000 or more plants, punishment upon conviction is 10 years to life in prison.

Hemp Foods and Workplace Drug Testing Not in Conflict, New Study Finds

Posted on August 1, 2000

Persons who frequently consume food items containing hemp seeds and oil are very unlikely to fail a workplace urine test for marijuana. This is the main finding of a recent toxicological study commissioned by the Agricultural Research and Development Initiative (ARDI), a program funded by the Canadian federal and the Manitoba provincial governments; the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC), and several manufacturers of hemp foods.

New DEA Regulations Warning

Posted on July 29, 2000

I recently returned from Washington, DC where I met with Congress members and government officials about industrial hemp. I learned that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will be publishing its new rules shortly in the Federal Register. This letter is a warning to you in the industrial hemp industry, and I ask you to forward it to others who may be affected by these DEA regulations.

The Navajo Nation passed a tribal law to allow hemp cultivation

Posted on July 20, 2000

Christie Bohling of Coalition for Hemp Awareness (CHA) called to praise and thank all the supporters of the Navajo Hemp Project.

Hemp group takes case to top court

Posted on June 27, 2000

With rekindled hopes for winning its battle to legally cultivate hemp, the New Hampshire Hemp Council yesterday appealed to a higher power — the US Supreme Court. Since the 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals in March rejected the claim that hemp is distinct from marijuana and therefore not prohibited under federal law, the group petitioned the high court to review the case during its October term.

ORINCON Demos “Pot-buster” Technology to Detect Appalachia’s “New Moonshine”

Posted on June 7, 2000

ORINCON Corp., the leading provider of innovative solutions and diversified intelligent systems technology for the information age, has announced that it will demonstrate, with the West Virginia State Police this summer, a new method for the automatic detection of marijuana crops using an aircraft-mounted sensor. This represents a tremendous advance over current visual inspection methods.

Hemp war

Posted on May 1, 2000

I applaud you for pinpointing the implications of White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey’s March 5 letter to US Customs and the Drug Enforcement Administration relating to industrial hemp regulation in the article titled “Shampoo High.”

Hemp Alert

Posted on April 28, 2000

I’ve just learned about Barry McCaffrey’s latest attempt to strangle the hemp industry in the USA and overseas. Barry McCaffrey is proposing amendments to the Controlled Substances Act and is circulating them internally for comment.

The DEA Should Get Out of Regulating Hemp

Posted on April 3, 2000

Industrial Hemp is one of the longest and strongest natural fibers in the plant kingdom. It is also one of the most versatile plants, with approximately 25,000 uses – ranging from paper to textiles to cosmetics.

Shampoo High

Posted on March 27, 2000

Customs and the Drug Enforcement Administration bigs are wondering how to respond to the latest missive from White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey. In a March 5 letter to both agencies, McCaffrey demanded that agents seize all imports of products made with industrial hemp, which holds tiny amounts of marijuana’s active ingredient, THC.