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Letter to The Honorable Donnie Marshall, Drug Enforcement Administration

Posted on March 23, 2000

You have asked whether we can restrict the importation of products that contain what is commonly referred to as “hemp.” these products have been routinely imported into the united states for use as birdseed and in the manufacture of cloth and paper. in addition, a wide variety of products not intended for human consumption are also manufactured from hemp fiber and seed oil, including clothing, shoes and accessories such as wrist bands and necklaces, cosmetics, food products, and skin and hair products.

Hemp Takes a Hit

Posted on January 27, 2000

Five years ago, vocal hemp supporters Kathleen Chippi and David Almquist put their money where their mouths were by opening the Boulder Hemp Company. The pair’s activism by way of commerce has since produced a line of cookies, snacks and baking mixes made with hemp flour, which they grind from hemp seeds shipped in from around the globe. In March the company went national with four flavors of Heavenly Hemp Tortilla Chips. Made with 30 percent hemp flour, the chips are a big hit in stores around the country, including Alfalfa’s and Wild Oats.

Illinois Industrial Hemp Investigative and Advisory Task Force Report

Posted on January 26, 2000

The Industrial Hemp Investigative and Advisory Task Force was created to study the economic viability of industrial hemp production in Illinois, to identify any legal or other obstacles to industrial hemp production, and to make recommendations.

Study Finds Small Market for Hemp

Posted on January 25, 2000

The government says there is little future in growing industrial hemp even if federal drug agencies were to relent and legalize its production. Hemp, the non-halluciogenic cousin of marijuana, can be used for both clothing and food, but there would only be a “small, thin market” for the crop, according to a study by the Agriculture Department’s Economic Research Service.

Study douses high hopes for hemp as big US crop

Posted on January 21, 2000

Despite hemp’s cachet as an up and coming textile, it probably never would be a financial bonanza for U.S. growers, a government study said Friday, pouring cold water on some farm income hopes.

US Freezes Canadian Hemp Shipments

Posted on January 14, 2000

US Customs has once again closed the border to hemp oil and hemp seeds from Canada, leaving some companies losing patience and money. The move comes less than a month after American officials agreed to allow the hemp into their country, provided it met certain guidelines.

Hemp Planted in Hawaii

Posted on January 10, 2000

On December 14, 1999, Hawaii made American history as the first state to plant industrial hemp seeds on U.S. soil since WW II. A host of government officials and business leaders were on hand to witnessed the historical event at the Alterna Hemp Research Project’s agricultural plot on the island of Oahu.

United States Suspends Guidelines on the Importation of Hempseed

Posted on January 7, 2000

Please advise the exporters of hemp products in your region that US Customs has issued a memorandum on January 5, suspending the guidelines of December 7, 1999.

House Gives Initial OK to Legalized Hemp Industry

Posted on January 6, 2000

House lawmakers yesterday stunned law enforcers by giving initial approval to a bill legalizing the hemp industry in New Hampshire. Opponents said they would seek to overturn the House decision as soon as this afternoon, while law enforcement officials vowed to renew their fight against the bill.

Georgia Farmers Call for Hemp Research

Posted on January 3, 2000

Some Georgia farmers are high on the idea of growing industrial hemp, a sibling of marijuana that supporters say provides oil and fibers, but no hallucinations. Last month, delegates at the annual meeting of the state’s largest farm group, the 322,500-member Georgia Farm Bureau, approved a resolution calling for the University of Georgia to study the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp and marijuana are both members of the cannabis family.