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Hemp Fiber for Food Packaging

Posted on February 6, 2014
Traysrenew Project

The Traysrenew project in the EU was a multi-year project with the goal of producing food trays for poultry products that are cost effective, renewable, and higher performance than their conventional counterparts. The food trays would be made from biopolymers which are derived from bast fiber plants including hemp and flax. The interest on this kind of green packaging is being driven by both the industry and consumers. Manufacturers want lower costs and increased shelf life; consumers want fresh and safe food available in addition to products that reflect their values.

Nations That Allow Cultivation of Industrial Hemp

Posted on December 10, 2013
Nations That Allow the Cultivation of Industrial Hemp

Following are a list of over 30 nations that allow the cultivation of industrial hemp. As of this writing, the three primary produces are Canada, European Union, and China. Canada primarily produced hemp seed which is used for human food consumption (shelled hemp / hemp hearts, hemp oil, and hemp protein). The European Union primarily grows hemp for fiber with the two primary end-uses being paper and automotive composites. China grows hemp primarily for textiles that are made into clothing and hemp cordage.

European Industrial Hemp Association Introduces CD-ROM

Posted on January 18, 2005

CD-ROM contains 43 presentations, 6 videos, more than 100 pictures as well as various extras, for example an interesting link collection, await the interested buyer. The price margin is between 25 € (for students) and 75 €.

Poland — on its way to a new drug policy

Posted on January 17, 2005

A change in the ‘marijuana’ drug law makes it easier for farmers to obtain a permit needed to grow industrial Cannabis, hemp. This broadens the possibilities for hemp in different sectors of our food production, manufacturing industries and trade.

Interview with hemp fashion designer Jenny McPherson of Enamore

Posted on June 23, 2004

Hemp clothing has received a lot of negative press over the years and the time has come to give this amazing fibre a serious style makeover. Hemp is one our planet’s most ancient crops grown all over the world.

Hemp and Flax Processing Plant Closes

Posted on June 3, 2004

Premium Crops Ltd, a specialist UK crop production company, has announced the closure of its hemp and flax processing factory located in North Wales.

Cannabis butter to spread across Europe

Posted on April 24, 2004

Using centuries’ old recipes to make the butter at home, Latvians use only soaked, roasted and milled cannabis seed, sometimes mixing it together with oil or butter.

Court Fines Advertisers of Swiss Beer for Promoting Drugs

Posted on April 12, 2004

A Samara regional court has ruled that the makers of advertisements for the Swiss beer Hanfblute are guilty of promoting drugs after displaying a marijuana leaf along with the beer.

Headteacher Furious over “Cannabis Lollies”

Posted on April 1, 2004

A headmaster reacted with anger today to the sale of “cannabis lollies” just yards from his school. Although the sweets contain hemp extract and not cannabis, headmaster John Wood said today they made the drug “look glamorous”.

Natural Fibre Injection

Posted on March 26, 2004

Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik has adapted its long fibre injection (LFI) process so that natural fibre reinforcements such as flax, hemp or sisal can processed into polyurethane mouldings. Natural fibre reinforced component polyurethane parts offer characteristics which are claimed to compare favourably with those of their glass-fibre counterparts.