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Eco-friendly hemp house can slash heating bills

Posted on March 22, 2004

Hemp, the fibre taken from cannabis plants, has been used to build a house in Ireland for the first time. The Old Builders Company of Birr, Co Offaly, has built the pioneering hemp-house in Clones, Co Monaghan, as a model of eco-construction.

High-tech flax and hemp — from car panels to lightweight concrete

Posted on January 4, 2004

While textile flax produced in France is exported all over the world for the production of high-quality linen clothes and sheets, these natural fibres are now being re-discovered by French manufacturers and put to unexpected and exciting uses. Increasingly, flax is being used by automotive equipment manufacturers as a source of raw material that is environmentally friendly and less dangerous — in the event of a vehicle crashing — when used for interior panels in cars. Hemp fibres are also employed in industry to provide rigidity for plastics and in buildings as a natural insulator.

Seeds of hope

Posted on May 1, 2003

Jake Bowers describes hemp’s potential to transform agriculture and the plant’s demonisation by huge and competing industrial interests.

Europeans interested in hemp products

Posted on November 16, 2000

The men from Hemp Oil Canada just had to say “cannabis” and they found they were speaking an international language at the SIAL food show in Paris.

Bioresource Hemp 2000 Proceedings

Posted on November 15, 2000

The proceedings of the Bioresource Hemp 2000 with approx. 1,000 pages are from now on available. They cover 80 international presentations and postersessions on the subject of hemp and other fibre crops which were lectured at the scientific-technical symposium.

High on hemp

Posted on November 15, 2000

To the great disappointment of crop-raiding pot heads, you can’t get high from Vaclav Tusek’s fragrant fields of green. Tusek, 28, better known as “Diamond,” is one of the Czech Republic’s only growers of industrial cannabis, or hemp. His business represents a global revival of the marijuana look-alike, best known for its textile applications.

Trip Report: 3rd International Bioresource Hemp 2000 Symposium

Posted on October 24, 2000

University of Gulelph professor Gordon Scheifele shares his experiance at Bioresorce Hemp 2000.

European Union asks Greece to lift ban on legal hemp products

Posted on October 24, 2000

The European Commission said on Tuesday that Greece is using its anti-cannabis law to block the sale of harmless hemp-based products such as sandals, shawls and trendy writing-paper.

European Flax Growers Face Area Aid Cut

Posted on July 18, 2000

European flax and hemp growers face a substantial cut in their area aid payments next season, after agriculture ministers there voted to reform the regime.

Britain asked to repay millions in farm subsidies

Posted on July 5, 2000

Britain is being asked to pay back nearly £12 million to Brussels in misspent farm subsidies. The European Commission said the clawback is being demanded because of inadequate national controls on the use of the cash and for failing to comply with Euro-rules in flax and hemp production.