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nova-Study on Markets and Price Situation of Natural Fibres in Germany and EU

Posted on May 23, 2000

An analysis of the current and future markets for flax and hemp fibers produced in the EU, to characterize the economic situation of producers and to develop a suitable framework that will guarantee an adequate developmenta of the natural fiber markets.

EU Flax and Hemp Plan Condemned

Posted on December 24, 1999

Any proposals which would bring flax and hemp within the AAPS would effectively pull the rug from under the feet of an exciting development which aims to utilise this natural, biodegradable and, therefore, environmentally-friendly product.

Cannabis as a licit crop: recent developments in Europe

Posted on December 1, 1999

After a continued decline in fibre hemp cultivation and industrial processing during the post-war period, a sudden upward trend is now being noted in the industrialized world, especially in Europe. This new interest in licit cannabis cultivation stems both from a growing consumer demand for natural fibres and from the so-called “set-aside” and diversification farming policy of the European Union resulting in an intense search for profitable new non-food crops.

A hemp museum

Posted on June 3, 1996

The streets of London, they used to say, were paved with gold. Maybe that is true of the City, the British capital’s financial district, but take a walk five minutes to the east, to Shoreditch, and the surroundings are more mundane.