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High on hemp

Posted on November 15, 2000

To the great disappointment of crop-raiding pot heads, you can’t get high from Vaclav Tusek’s fragrant fields of green. Tusek, 28, better known as “Diamond,” is one of the Czech Republic’s only growers of industrial cannabis, or hemp. His business represents a global revival of the marijuana look-alike, best known for its textile applications.

Hemp a possible solution to environmental concerns, low crop prices

Posted on November 6, 2000

With environmentalists urging citizens to use recyclable energy sources and family farmers struggling because of poor commodity prices, some people suggest introducing a controversial crop: hemp.

Backers push hemp as a wonder plant

Posted on November 2, 2000

Growing hemp for industry could supplement incomes for tobacco farmers, but government controls on marijuana still limit its production, hemp supporters say.

Follow-up letter to Agri-Talk

Posted on October 29, 2000

I believe hemp presents us with the means-and therefore the duty- to forge a renewed sense of Freedom and Liberty in this country. I also believe it is precisely times like these that our Constitution is designed to get us through. I think you are more aware of the hemp issue now then before but I’d like, if you’ll permit me, the chance to take you to the next level in terms of what I think this issue is really about.

Monson: Hemp could be gold mine for farmers

Posted on October 8, 2000

You wouldn’t expect David Monson to talk favorably about something that’s illegal. After all, he’s the Assistant House Majority Leader in the North Dakota Legislature, is superintendent of schools here and is a well-respected Cavalier County farmer.

Hemp could help farmers, environment

Posted on October 4, 2000

Finally the crisis of a finite resource, oil, is coming to the forefront in the presidental campaign. However, why is it neither presidental candidate recognize what Henry ford did over 60 years ago?

Cannabis thieves plunder harmless leaves

Posted on October 3, 2000

Cannabis thieves have raided a Canadian agricultural college only to find that the crop was industrial hemp. The site, at Kemptville College of Agricultural Technolgy, Ottawa, was actually a research plot.

Nader supports breakup of agribusiness

Posted on September 23, 2000

Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader proposed on Friday shifting control of U.S. agriculture away from corporate conglomerates and back toward the family farmer.

Nader Touts Agriculture Plan

Posted on September 22, 2000

Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader proposed shifting control of U.S. agriculture away from corporate conglomerates and back toward the family farmer on Friday.

Nader challenges Gore/Bush on US industrial hemp policy

Posted on September 11, 2000

Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader today challenged Al Gore and George W. Bush to explain their positions on industrial hemp and the opposition of the U.S. government to an agricultural crop that would benefit farmers and manufacturers while at the same time providing many environmental benefits.