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Let “cash crop” refer to hemp grown as a versatile alternative

Posted on September 10, 2000

I enjoyed reading the hemp news stories carried in Saturday, Aug. 26, issue of The Herald-Whig. Ann Pierceall took us up as the Western Illinois Force made two “drug busts” as part of Operation Cash Crop. But, I am saddened by the fact that what is now being raised as a viable farm crop in other countries, we are destroying because of its relationship with marijuana.

There is a great paradox about Cannabis sativa

Posted on September 2, 2000

There is a great paradox about Cannabis sativa and the dramatic pictures in Sunday’s Herald Whig of the police destroying large patches of “wild marijuana” reveal, unwittingly, a portion of it.

Hemp bad for marijuana growers, good for farmers

Posted on September 1, 2000

At a recent Heart of Illinois Sierra Club meeting, I asked the following question to both District 18 Rep. Ray LaHood and candidate Joyce Harant: “The State of Illinois has adopted resolution HR553, urging the U.S. Congress to acknowledge the difference between marijuana and industrial hemp, and to clearly authorize the commercial production of industrial hemp. What is your position on HR553?”

This isn’t the kind of joint where we grow cannabis

Posted on August 27, 2000

Roger, however, explains that despite its reputation, hemp offers farmers like me numerous benefits as an industrial crop. There is a growing demand for the stuff (this I think I already knew) and not only for attitude adjustment but for use in animal bedding, paper manufacture and rope making. Furthermore, it can be grown satisfactorily even on the sort of poor quality soil that I have in abundance.

Holocaust Survivor Compensated

Posted on August 15, 2000

Holocaust survivor Boris Abel survived more than four years in concentration camps. The Nazis killed two of his sisters. And his factory, his offices and his home in Lithuania were taken from him during the war.

High Hopes for Hemp

Posted on August 9, 2000

The governor of Hawaii has just signed a bill that allows farmers to grow a small test plot of industrial hemp for the first time in half a century. And more and more farmers are hoping other states will follow suit.

Teenagers find their field of dreams has gone to pot

Posted on August 1, 2000

To the teenagers who found it, the 35 acres must have seemed like the original field of dreams. Deepest Surrey is hardly the place you’d expect to find a cannabis plantation, but here were thousands of plants, laid out in rows, and up to 5ft tall. There were no guard dogs, no fences and no security staff. Word quickly spread among the teenagers in Send, near Guildford, that there was this field where you could go and help yourself to handfuls of Cannabis sativa.

Omni Ventures Presents Open Forum with Illinois Governor Ryan

Posted on May 2, 2000

Transcript of speech given by Ned Behrensmeyer to Illinois Governor Ryan, Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Hampton, and attendees.

Miracle crop, or bust?

Posted on April 1, 1999

Why should Canada and Europe supply US companies with hemp when we could grow it here? Proponents of industrial hemp can get carried away, and it isn’t hard to get caught up in their enthusiasm. Here’s why.

The latest buzz on hemp

Posted on March 15, 1999

U.S. farmers want the ban on cultivating the plant lifted. Times sure are tough for North Dakota farmers like David Monson. Last summer, Monson grimly tended his wheat, barley, and canola fields in Osnabrock and watched neighboring farms go bust. In the fall, his profit was a paltry $25 an acre. Meanwhile, 20 miles away, across the border in Canada, Brian McElroy had cut back on wheat and planted his first crop of industrial hemp. He earned $225 an acre.