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Naturally hemp

Posted on November 1, 2003

In an upcoming film documentary actor Woody Harrelson goes on a West Coast journey in a hemp-powered bus to sell the joys of environmental purity with the Simple Organic Living Tour. This is just one example of the many uses of hemp. However, none of those uses include getting high. In short, hemp is not marijuana.

Re: DEA Interpretive Rule Banning Hemp Foods & Hemp Oils

Posted on December 21, 2000

Our company, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, uses over 30,000 lbs. of refined hemp oil and 2000 lbs. of unrefined hemp oil a year in our soaps. The hemp oil’s essential fatty acids make our soaps much smoother and less drying, improving the afterfeel dramatically. We face immediate harm from the Interim Rules in having to re-formulate and re-label our soaps without hemp oil, and devastating long-term harm to our reputation and quality.

Former hippie finds business success

Posted on December 17, 2000

For years, Sue Kastensen traveled from town to town in an orange Volkswagen bus, selling homemade lip balm in parking-lot bazaars outside Grateful Dead concerts.

Hemp Seed Oil

Posted on June 1, 1999

This perfectly balanced oil has an impressive list of proven benefits to the consumer. The product’s ideal balance as a cosmetic oil and as a fashionable ingredient meets the demands of the millennium’s market.

Hemp seed oil is poised to grow in flavor and fragrance markets

Posted on March 1, 1999

In 1998, Canada harvested its first commercial hemp crop in 60 years, and the viability of the plant as a raw material for flavors and fragrances is being explored. Though the fiber, nutraceutical and personal-care industries are set to profit most from this newly cultivated crop, its benefits to the flavor and fragrance community are the least developed and may offer the greatest potential.

Hemp oil, natural hempress — a new cosmetic ingredient

Posted on September 1, 1998

Despite the fact that the more recent variants of the hemp plant have been used for narcotic purposes, research has indicated that the plant may have other uses. New seed variants have been developed which have a very low content of the narcotic agent Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the plant matter from these is being put to a wide variety of uses from the manufacture of high quality paper to cloth suitable for tailoring.

Naturally beautiful

Posted on September 1, 1998

Hemp Oil from the seeds of Cannabis sativa is extremely high in essential fatty acidsideal for parched lips, hands, and feet. Try Hemp Elbow Grease by the Body Shop.