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Hemp Powered Car Tours US, Canada

Posted on December 29, 2000

A hemp powered car will be touring N. America this summer. It’s goal is to prove the viability of hemp as fuel, and promote environmental fuel technologies and drug law reform. The car will attend environmental festivals, such as SolFest, and drug law reform events.

Hempcar News

Posted on December 27, 2000

Greetings everyone and thanks for your support. As we end the fifth week of Hempcar’s campaign we are excited by our progress and by the many wonderful contacts we have made.

Hemp Activism Hits the Streets

Posted on December 19, 2000

If you’re driving on the interstate this summer and you smell a strange odor don’t worry, you’re not having a flashback and that isn’t a “doobie” you smell, it’s hempcar. The exhaust won’t “catch you a buzz,” but the car is creating one among hemp activists and environmentalists. It’s a car powered by hemp seed oil and it will be touring the country to promote drug-law reform and environmental fuel technologies.