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Linificio Canapifico Nazionale at Expofil

Posted on July 27, 2000

Stoplino, Tundra, Zeus, Venere Soft and Ares blend linen roving with poliamidic yarns giving the linen a special finish, sheen and color. Hemp, the only natural alternative to linen thread is hemp can be found in their yarns Imperial, Quinsai, Napak and Whemp. Icaro, Silk blends with polyamide and wool in Nylin and Erica. Linen co-exists with metal threads such as steel, copper in Irony and Rames.

Fabric Industry Magazine Launched for Eco and Natural Fibers

Posted on July 24, 2000

Fiber Ethics Magazine — a publication dedicated to helping retailers unravel and understand the explosion of “ethical fabrics” — will be launched today in North America and around the world.

Joint Venture

Posted on June 13, 2000

As the heavy sweet smell in the corridor of any hall of residence will testify, many students are more than happy to invest considerable amounts of their own time and money in exhaustive private study of hemp and its properties.

Weaving Technology to Dye For

Posted on June 1, 2000

The technique of weaving cloth first arrived in Japan from China around 300 B.C. After archaeologists found 40 tectile fragments from the first century B.C. to the third century A.D. on the island of Kyushu, a Kyoto Institute of Technology team decided to use traditional methods to re-create the original silk and hemp fabrics.

The poisoned legacy of the cotton T-shirt

Posted on April 26, 2000

If you buy 100% cotton sheets and shirts and think you are doing the environment a favour, think again. You could hardly be more wrong. Cotton crops are responsible for a quarter of all the insecticides dumped on the earth every year. Only tobacco soaks up more.

New Hemp Fabric Weaves Its Way

Posted on April 20, 2000

Kentucky Textiles is now trademarking the blend of hemp, cotton and polyester in HempSpun. The Paris manufacturer employs 475 workers filling contracts for customers such as Lands–End, Speedo and Reebok.

Levi’s are back — with a new twist

Posted on April 7, 2000

The Premium Red line came first, late last year. These cotton/hemp jeans, priced at pounds 85 to pounds 100 a pair, were designed in a 3D rather than 2D fashion to be more roomy, comfortable and ergonomic in appearance than traditional 501s. More importantly, they feature a twisted seam that angles from the hip to the knee and then down to the ankle, instead of straight down the side of the leg.

Organic Trade Association publishes “Organic Fiber Directory”

Posted on March 23, 2000

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is publishing the Organic Fiber Directory as a comprehensive resource for locating sources of, and products containing, organic fiber.

New Hemp Fashion Suits Many to a T

Posted on March 4, 2000

The only way you’ll get high wearing a new hemp-dyed T-shirt is by climbing a mountain. Nonetheless, numerous people have complained to Crazy Shirts about its latest fashion statement, which they perceive as promoting marijuana, according to a company official.

Better Red than dead: Levi’s hits back

Posted on January 12, 2000

In the last gasp of the 20th century, fashion went vintage crazy. Clothing companies dipped into their archives in an effort to find classics that could be reinvented, and designers began basing their collections on past eras, using old fabrics, buttons and deliberately aged fabrics.