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Tickle your fancy with fringe creations

Posted on August 22, 2000

Hemp jewelry rules this year with $3.50 rings, $5 bracelets and $10 necklaces. It’s a cheap way to play. We found most of the other jewelry not worth the low-end prices.

Tie One At The Bead Bar

Posted on August 10, 2000

Beads have been around nearly as long as humans and are a part of almost every culture. They’ve been made of bones, rocks, wood, metals, glass, precious stones and plastic. They are religious symbols, talismen and currency. They decorate necks, ears, wrists, ankles and bellies.

Retro and plush dominate toy fair wares

Posted on February 9, 1998

The Hip Hemp Creations kit — whose instructions state that “contrary to popular belief, industrial hemp has no hallucinogenic properties” — is designed to appeal to the tween children of baby boomers who remember playing with kits when they were kids.