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Hemp Fiber for Food Packaging

Posted on February 6, 2014
Traysrenew Project

The Traysrenew project in the EU was a multi-year project with the goal of producing food trays for poultry products that are cost effective, renewable, and higher performance than their conventional counterparts. The food trays would be made from biopolymers which are derived from bast fiber plants including hemp and flax. The interest on this kind of green packaging is being driven by both the industry and consumers. Manufacturers want lower costs and increased shelf life; consumers want fresh and safe food available in addition to products that reflect their values.

Hemp Plastic makes tracks and celebrates with special offer

Posted on June 3, 2004

To celebrate the launch we are offering a FREE hemp plastic CD tray with every purchase of the newest book on industrial hemp by Paul Benhaim. The CD including lots of photos, videos, charts-everything you could want to know about the modern hemp industry-a great gift.