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Hemp Building Materials

Posted on April 4, 2014
Hemp Building Materials

One of hemp’s most innovative and applicable uses today is in building materials sector. Hemp can be used for all sorts of building materials, replacing or supplementing traditional materials including wood and concrete. There are a wider range of products, but the most important categories are: Hempcrete, Insulation, and Particle Board.

Green Home Construction Commences at First Florida Hemcrete Project

Posted on August 13, 2012

American Lime Technology is proud to announce construction is underway at the first green home in Florida utilizing Tradical Hemcrete.

High-tech flax and hemp — from car panels to lightweight concrete

Posted on January 4, 2004

While textile flax produced in France is exported all over the world for the production of high-quality linen clothes and sheets, these natural fibres are now being re-discovered by French manufacturers and put to unexpected and exciting uses. Increasingly, flax is being used by automotive equipment manufacturers as a source of raw material that is environmentally friendly and less dangerous — in the event of a vehicle crashing — when used for interior panels in cars. Hemp fibres are also employed in industry to provide rigidity for plastics and in buildings as a natural insulator.

A builder’s guide to the high life

Posted on January 4, 2004

They have endured the builders’ jokes of “Isn’t it going to go up in smoke?” and teenage jibes of “Can we see the wall joints?” but now they’re having the last laugh. Top-o’the-hill, near Sudbury in Suffolk, is warm, dry, stunningly good-looking and a test-bed for what Carpenter, an architect with the firm Modece, hopes will be the “green” housing of the future.