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THC Issue Threatens Hemp Industry Growth

Posted on April 1, 2001

Richard Rose, founder of the Hemp Food Association and owner of HempNut Inc., a hemp foods company, both based in Santa Rosa, California claims the industry is only hurting itself by attacking DEA rather than concentrating on improving production to eliminate THC content.

The Brand-new Nut That Can Add Years To Your Life!

Posted on December 1, 2000

Impressive new studies show that this surprising snack can protect you from a host of diseases — and make you feel better right now!

Hemp: An offbeat food product

Posted on November 8, 2000

Many people don’t realize that hempseed is edible, that hemp foods are very nutritious and that they are really delicious. In many ways, hemp is where soy was 15 years ago, an offbeat product with a funky reputation and overlooked nutritional value.

Everything from candy to jerky goes natural at Baltimore expo

Posted on October 12, 2000

At the Natural Products Expo held last month in Baltimore, a woman in a colorful lunch truck was handing out samples of Boca Burger, the vegetarian patty once associated with sandal-wearing sprout eaters. Only now, Boca is owned by Kraft.

Eye on the Aisles

Posted on September 27, 2000

Could hemp products — displayed at several exhibits — be a successor to soy? “It has that potential,” said Richard Rose, president of HempNut, Inc., a Santa Rosa, California company that makes cookies, cooking oil, nut butter, vegetarian burgers and lip balm from shelled hemp seeds, which Rose says are rich in protein and essential fatty acids.

Hemp foods giving soy heady competition in nutrition, versatility

Posted on September 8, 2000

No, you can’t get high from it, and yes, it’s one of the most nutritious plant foods in the world. Hempseed based foods, according to the Hemp Food Association are functional foods or nutraceuticals, and are projected to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry.

More Bales of Hemp Making It Onto Grocers’ Shelves

Posted on August 30, 2000

While hemp has been popular for years in trendy clothing stores from the Haight to the Marina, the edible variety is showing up in more food products at grocery stores and natural food markets.

HempNut, Inc founder Richard Rose guest appearance on the Roseanne Show

Posted on July 23, 1999

HempNut founder Richard Rose and Roseanne Barr make a potato salad, and talk about all aspects of hemp. Both are dressed all in hemp clothes.