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Court Tells DEA it Cannot Regulate Naturally-Occurring THC in Hemp Food Landmark Decision Opens Way for Expansion of Hemp Food Industry

Posted on February 6, 2004

US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit: The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), representing over 200 hemp companies in North America won their 2 ½-year old lawsuit today against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in a decision that permanently blocks DEA regulations that attempted to ban nutritious hemp foods such as waffles, bread, cereal, vegetarian burgers, protein powder, salad dressing and nutrition bars.

Hemp Industries Association 2003 Convention Report

Posted on August 28, 2003

Gathering at Kiza Park on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, fifty hemp entrepreneurs and activists were welcomed by the White Plume family to their Lakota cultural center. We came with intent to support sovereignty for all people, and specifically for this tribe whose laws allow industrial hemp cultivation (one of sixteen in the USA). Alex and Debra White Plume’s family was terrorized by the DEA three years ago and today they continue to fight for the right to grow a plant that can feed, clothe, and house their family.

Vote Hemp letter of appreciation

Posted on December 31, 2000

To everyone who helped build our momentum in the last election cycle and establish VoteHemp as a player on the political map, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff of Vote Hemp, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hemp Industries Association Convention Report

Posted on October 2, 2000

Nestled in a Hockley Valley ecology retreat near Toronto, the Hemp Industries Association held their seventh annual convention among the maple and aspen trees. This year’s gathering saw 35-55 attendees which allowed for intimate meetings and planning sessions.

Hand Ralph a Hat

Posted on September 22, 2000

On Thursday, September 14, HIA Board Member Mari Kane met Ralph Nader at an appearance at San Francisco’s VoteNader campaign office. There, Mari formally announced the HIA’s endorsement of Mr. Nader and presented him with an HIA logo hemp hat, which he then wore proudly.

The Navajo Nation passed a tribal law to allow hemp cultivation

Posted on July 20, 2000

Christie Bohling of Coalition for Hemp Awareness (CHA) called to praise and thank all the supporters of the Navajo Hemp Project.

Get Your Hemp Voter Guide

Posted on June 29, 2000

One would be hard-pressed these days to find an American oblivious to the dangers of deforestation or opposed to a feasible solution. Oddly enough, there is a very practical solution right in our midst with myriad economic and environmental benefits. So why are we still cutting down trees?

Canadian Outdoor Farm Show 2000

Posted on June 16, 2000

The Hemp Industries Association would like to extend an enthusiastic invitation to you, to join us in Canada for the Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario, September 12, 13, 14, 2000.

HIA 7th Annual Convention & Canadian Outdoor Farm Show 2000

Posted on June 1, 2000

The seventh annual general meeting of hemp industry executives will take place at the Ecology Retreat Center near Toronto. Following will be an opportunity to display, vend products, and promote industrial hemp at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock.

Hemp Industries Association Plans Political Action Campaign

Posted on May 22, 2000

At the Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo the Hemp Industries Association, the world’s largest trade organization of hemp related business, announced that it intends to engage in a national political action campaign aimed at state and federal elections in November, 2000.