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Hemp bill up in smoke

Posted on November 29, 2000

A bill allowing the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale to research potential uses of industrial hemp for Illinois farmers was rejected Tuesday by the Illinois House of Representatives 69-34.

Hemp Study Bill Narrowly Misses Approval

Posted on November 29, 2000

A plan to authorize a study of industrial hemp — a biological relative of marijuana — fell two votes short of approval Tuesday in the Illinois House. But its House sponsor, Republican Rep. Ron Lawfer of Stockton, plans to seek another vote in January. He believes the measure could pass then.

Hemp study fails in Illinois House

Posted on November 29, 2000

The Illinois House Tuesday narrowly defeated a bill that would have authorized a study of hemp as a potential agricultural staple in Illinois. The defeat closed a year of political acrimony over the issue. It has pitted a struggling farm industry looking for a new crop against law enforcement and citizens’ groups concerned that it could open the door to legalization of hemp’s biological cousin, marijuana.

Study of Hemp as Cash Crop Rejected by House

Posted on November 28, 2000

A bill authorizing a study of hemp as a cash crop fell two votes short in the House Tuesday amid fears it would send the wrong message about illicit drug use. Most representatives favored the idea — the vote was 69-45 — but the bill called for it to take effect immediately, so parliamentary rules required 71 votes for passage.

Bowles Defends Stance on Hemp Study

Posted on November 27, 2000

Anti-drug forces in Illinois say they’ll continue their fight against a proposed $1 million study of hemp — a cousin of marijuana — with a new president who state Sen. Evelyn Bowles can’t call one of the “ladies from Naperville.”

Plan To Study Hemp As A Cash Crop In Illinois Ignites Controversy

Posted on November 15, 2000

Is it rope or dope? That’s the question at the heart of a smoldering debate over a proposal in Illinois to explore growing industrial hemp as a legitimate cash crop. The controversy, which has already brought a threatening letter from the White House drug policy director, has state lawmakers growling at each other.

Anti-drug activists blast hemp-study bill

Posted on November 15, 2000

Anti-drug activists are hoping to put the brakes on legislation that would authorize two Illinois universities to conduct research on the production of industrial hemp, a biological relative of marijuana.

Follow-up letter to Agri-Talk

Posted on October 29, 2000

I believe hemp presents us with the means-and therefore the duty- to forge a renewed sense of Freedom and Liberty in this country. I also believe it is precisely times like these that our Constitution is designed to get us through. I think you are more aware of the hemp issue now then before but I’d like, if you’ll permit me, the chance to take you to the next level in terms of what I think this issue is really about.

Let “cash crop” refer to hemp grown as a versatile alternative

Posted on September 10, 2000

I enjoyed reading the hemp news stories carried in Saturday, Aug. 26, issue of The Herald-Whig. Ann Pierceall took us up as the Western Illinois Force made two “drug busts” as part of Operation Cash Crop. But, I am saddened by the fact that what is now being raised as a viable farm crop in other countries, we are destroying because of its relationship with marijuana.

There is a great paradox about Cannabis sativa

Posted on September 2, 2000

There is a great paradox about Cannabis sativa and the dramatic pictures in Sunday’s Herald Whig of the police destroying large patches of “wild marijuana” reveal, unwittingly, a portion of it.