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The Demonized Seed

Posted on January 18, 2004

The world needed relief from its addiction to oil and petrochemicals. From deforestation and malnutrition. From dirty fuels, sooty air, exhausted soils and pesticides. The extraordinary hemp plant could solve all those problems. Herer was sure of it. Thus began his journey as a heralding prophet.

Avenue Cable to Air Documentary About Hemp

Posted on April 14, 2000

Avenue Cable is scheduled to air “Emperor of Hemp,” the story of one man’s 30-year struggle for truth, justice and a plant, at 8 p.m. today. Available only on video, “Emperor of Hemp” is available at Tower Records. Avenue Cable is expected to air it again on Thursday.

America’s Hemp-Horror Hurts Economic Health

Posted on April 11, 2000

If brains were gunpowder, one is sometimes tempted to think, then the U.S. couldn’t blow its own nose. Even as it sues Big Tobacco, America spends millions each year to subsidize the weed — a plant that ranks, on the Healthful Substances Chart, only slightly above strychnine. Yet it forbids the raising of another crop that presents no threat to health and offers a multitude of uses: industrial hemp.