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Seeds of hope

Posted on May 1, 2003

Jake Bowers describes hemp’s potential to transform agriculture and the plant’s demonisation by huge and competing industrial interests.

THC Issue Threatens Hemp Industry Growth

Posted on April 1, 2001

Richard Rose, founder of the Hemp Food Association and owner of HempNut Inc., a hemp foods company, both based in Santa Rosa, California claims the industry is only hurting itself by attacking DEA rather than concentrating on improving production to eliminate THC content.

Hemp Horizons

Posted on December 1, 1997

Roulac, author of the immensely popular Backyard Composting (1991), is working hard to revive commercial cultivation of hemp, a wonder plant once widely grown in the U.S. but long discouraged by the government for no good reason. Roulac explains very clearly that hemp is not, as so many people assume, the same plant as marijuana; it is a nonnarcotic variety that is amazingly versatile and nutritional, environmentally sound, and potentially very profitable.

The earth’s premier renewable resource

Posted on June 1, 1995

While forests diminish worldwide prices and demand for fiber are skyrocketing. A plant cultivated by our founding fathers may be the solution to our growing fiber shortage. Imagine a crop more versatile than the soybean, the cotton plant, and the Douglas fir put together … one that grows like Jack’s beanstalk with minimal tending. There is such a crop: industrial hemp.