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The Paper Chase

Posted on May 1, 2004

According to The Myth of the Paperless Office, a company’s use of e-mail causes an average 40 percent increase in paper consumption. The demand for ream after ream of white paper is putting a huge strain not only on America’s forests, but the world’s. And it’s forcing the environmental movement to consider the alternatives.

Planting Computers

Posted on March 30, 2004

It’s not every day you come across a grower whose crop will be harvested by a Japanese firm to go into computers and mobile phones. But Andrew Saunders is such a farmer. He’s growing kenaf, a fibre crop, similar in appearance to industrial hemp.

Kafus Launches “Natural” Solution To World’s Oily Waste Water Environmental Problem

Posted on April 18, 2000

Each year up to 140,000 tons of kenaf core could be used to separate oil from water and then reclaimed as biomass fuel with BTU value equal to coal.

Tough as Soybeans

Posted on January 20, 2000

Back in 1940, when Henry Ford wanted to test the strength of a car trunk made from an experimental soybean-based material, he stunned onlookers by whacking it with an ax. Mr. Ford may have been an eccentric, but he also was way ahead of his time in trying new materials to improve cars.