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Jurors Clear Actor in Pot Case

Posted on August 25, 2000

A Lee County jury acquitted actor Woody Harrelson on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession yesterday, ending his four-year court battle to get the state to differentiate between hemp and marijuana.

Harrelson Acquitted of Drug Charge

Posted on August 24, 2000

A jury acquitted actor Woody Harrelson of misdemeanor marijuana possession charges Thursday, ending his four-year court battle to get the state to differentiate between hemp and marijuana.

Woody Harrelson, Guilty or Innocent, will appear on Court TV

Posted on August 23, 2000

Guilty or innocent? On August 25th, on the day after Woody Harrelson stands trial, the actor / environmentalist will appear on Court TV with Catherine Crier discussing the outcome of his court case in which he challenged Kentucky law that includes hemp within its definition of marijuana.

Woody Harrelson tests Kentucky law, risking jail for farmers

Posted on August 18, 2000

On August 24, 2000, six jurors will decide whether to send Woody Harrelson to prison for up to 12 months, or exonerate him for his 1996 planting of four certified industrial hemp seeds in Beattyville, Kentucky. Because Kentucky law makes no legal distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana, Mr. Harrelson has been charged with possession of marijuana.

High Hopes for Hemp

Posted on August 9, 2000

The governor of Hawaii has just signed a bill that allows farmers to grow a small test plot of industrial hemp for the first time in half a century. And more and more farmers are hoping other states will follow suit.

Former governor offers aid to Woody Harrelson in hemp bust

Posted on June 3, 2000

Former governor Louie Nunn says he has neither met Woody Harrelson nor seen any of his films. But the former Republican governor likes the actor’s stand on hemp, and has offered to help represent Harrelson at his Aug. 24 trial for planting four hemp seeds in a Lee County field four years ago. Harrelson, 38, is charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Woody Harrelson Puts Trusts in Jurors for Kentucky Hemp Challenge

Posted on June 2, 2000

Woody Harrelson commented that, “I have made the decision to go to trial because I believe Kentucky farmers should have the same freedom to grow industrial hemp as farmers in Canada, England, France and even China. I feel comfortable putting my fate in the hands of the people of Kentucky believing six of my peers will see the absurdity of this law and refuse to send me to jail.”

Trial set for hemp advocate Woody Harrelson

Posted on June 2, 2000

Actor Woody Harrelson goes on trial in August for planting four hemp seeds in his crusade to cultivate the plant for industrial use, but his lawyer said the evidence had disappeared like a puff of smoke.

Actor Woody Harrelson is scheduled for trial in August on a drug charge

Posted on June 2, 2000

The case began as a challenge to a Kentucky law that makes no distinction between marijuana and hemp. It went all the way to the state Supreme Court, where all seven justices reversed lower court rulings and said the law is constitutional. Now comes the Aug. 24 trial.

Hemp struggles to gain viability as good

Posted on April 21, 2000

Many know the benefits of hemp from reading the inside of Cypress Hill’s “Hits from the bong.” For those who weren’t ever into that or never did a report on hemp in high school, hemp is a weed that grows anywhere, yields fibers stronger than cotton and is illegal to grow in the United States.