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Friend Letter to President Clinton Regarding the Cultivation and Marketing of Industrial Hemp

Posted on December 26, 2000

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Winter Meeting was held December 13-15, 2000 in Washington, D.C. Members of the Agriculture and International Trade Committee adopted a new policy supporting more flexible federal policy regarding the cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp.

Pro-hemp resolution adopted by the National Conference of State Legislatures at Washington, DC meeting

Posted on December 21, 2000

The NCSL is considering whether it will comment on the new proposed rules regarding the treatment of hemp products, which are to be published in the Federal Register.

Skepticism greets plan to raise hemp instead of tobacco

Posted on December 5, 2000

Maryland is pushing ahead with plans for a pilot project to examine industrial hemp as an alternative to tobacco — even though most of the officials associated with the project have doubts about the crop’s potential.

Illinois chose old stereotypes over economic potential

Posted on November 30, 2000

It is time for us all to replace our association of hemp to drug users with an association to our state’s struggling farmers. The Illinois Senate saw the vast benefits of asking two major universities to study the uses of industrial hemp last April. But Tuesday, the House was two votes shy of what would have been a step forward for Illinois agriculture.

Hemp bill up in smoke

Posted on November 29, 2000

A bill allowing the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale to research potential uses of industrial hemp for Illinois farmers was rejected Tuesday by the Illinois House of Representatives 69-34.

Hemp Study Bill Narrowly Misses Approval

Posted on November 29, 2000

A plan to authorize a study of industrial hemp — a biological relative of marijuana — fell two votes short of approval Tuesday in the Illinois House. But its House sponsor, Republican Rep. Ron Lawfer of Stockton, plans to seek another vote in January. He believes the measure could pass then.

Hemp study fails in Illinois House

Posted on November 29, 2000

The Illinois House Tuesday narrowly defeated a bill that would have authorized a study of hemp as a potential agricultural staple in Illinois. The defeat closed a year of political acrimony over the issue. It has pitted a struggling farm industry looking for a new crop against law enforcement and citizens’ groups concerned that it could open the door to legalization of hemp’s biological cousin, marijuana.

Study of Hemp as Cash Crop Rejected by House

Posted on November 28, 2000

A bill authorizing a study of hemp as a cash crop fell two votes short in the House Tuesday amid fears it would send the wrong message about illicit drug use. Most representatives favored the idea — the vote was 69-45 — but the bill called for it to take effect immediately, so parliamentary rules required 71 votes for passage.

Bowles Defends Stance on Hemp Study

Posted on November 27, 2000

Anti-drug forces in Illinois say they’ll continue their fight against a proposed $1 million study of hemp — a cousin of marijuana — with a new president who state Sen. Evelyn Bowles can’t call one of the “ladies from Naperville.”

Legislature should resurrect hemp research bill

Posted on November 22, 2000

Kentucky lawmakers looking for constructive ways to occupy their time during the first “annual” General Assembly next year might want to do something for the state’s farmers — something like reviving House Bill 855.