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Plan To Study Hemp As A Cash Crop In Illinois Ignites Controversy

Posted on November 15, 2000

Is it rope or dope? That’s the question at the heart of a smoldering debate over a proposal in Illinois to explore growing industrial hemp as a legitimate cash crop. The controversy, which has already brought a threatening letter from the White House drug policy director, has state lawmakers growling at each other.

Anti-drug activists blast hemp-study bill

Posted on November 15, 2000

Anti-drug activists are hoping to put the brakes on legislation that would authorize two Illinois universities to conduct research on the production of industrial hemp, a biological relative of marijuana.

Legislator Appeals for Common Sense

Posted on October 17, 2000

I was a co-sponsor of HB 1576-FN-A in 1998 and sponsor of HB 239-FN-A in 1999 both relative to the growing of industrial hemp. I sent a letter to all US Senators dated September 27, 1999, only three, yes three out of one hundred Senators even gave me the courtesy of a reply. Their response was stereotypical Drug Enforcement Agency.

North Dakota legalizes hemp

Posted on October 8, 2000

Last year the North Dakota Legislature was the first in the United States to officially recognize and legalize industrial hemp.

Hemp bad for marijuana growers, good for farmers

Posted on September 1, 2000

At a recent Heart of Illinois Sierra Club meeting, I asked the following question to both District 18 Rep. Ray LaHood and candidate Joyce Harant: “The State of Illinois has adopted resolution HR553, urging the U.S. Congress to acknowledge the difference between marijuana and industrial hemp, and to clearly authorize the commercial production of industrial hemp. What is your position on HR553?”

Committee to mull new department for state, Judy says

Posted on August 6, 2000

State promotion of the growth of hemp, which can be substituted for trees in the paper-making process. Hemp can be grown on agricultural land and does not require as much bleaching as trees. Bleaching with chemicals produces pollution, the caucus said.

Industrial Hemp Legislation in Illinois

Posted on August 1, 2000

Illinois joined the fray on March 23, 1999 with the adoption, by the vote of 48 to 6, of a Senate Resolution calling for the creation of an Industrial Hemp Investigative and Advisory Task Force to look into the issue of industrial hemp and return a report and recommendations to the Legislature by January 1, 2000.

New DEA Regulations Warning

Posted on July 29, 2000

I recently returned from Washington, DC where I met with Congress members and government officials about industrial hemp. I learned that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will be publishing its new rules shortly in the Federal Register. This letter is a warning to you in the industrial hemp industry, and I ask you to forward it to others who may be affected by these DEA regulations.

Nader comes calling on Ventura

Posted on July 14, 2000

Two of the biggest third-party political names in the country met Friday to commiserate over how tough it is to get funding, recognition and their names on the ballot, and to brainstorm about making it better. Ventura and Nader, a longtime consumer advocate, talked about legalizing industrial hemp, getting better ballot access for third parties and lowering the cutoff from 15 percent to 5 percent support for allowing candidates into national debates.

A hazy future

Posted on July 9, 2000

Tobacco farmers, who face giving up the crop upon which Colonial Maryland’s economy was built, are struggling to answer one burning question: What could they grow that could possibly be as profitable? Some growers of the region’s distinct burley have already turned to vegetables and fruits. Others are looking at everything from wine grapes to beer hops and even hemp, the relative of marijuana. And still others will stick with tobacco until the market goes up in smoke.