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Hempwell, Inc Announces Panel, Discussion Group, Exhibit at National Conference of State Legislators

Posted on July 6, 2000

Hempwell, Inc announces that industrial hemp will be a main topic on the agenda of the annual National Conference for State Legislators to be held July 16-20 in Chicago, Illinois. Industrial hemp will be featured at a legislative panel, a discussion about hemp economics, and an exhibit at the trade show that accompanies the conference.

99HEMP Issues’s Rope Not Dope

Posted on June 16, 2000

In November, Alaskans will have the opportunity to vote on an initiative, known as 99HEMP, to legalize the various derivatives of cannabis sativa. If the measure passed, it would legalize marijuana cultivation, possession and use. It also would make it possible for Alaskans to grow industrial hemp.

Vermont Hemp Resolution passed by House

Posted on May 30, 2000

On Thursday, May 11, 2000 the Vermont House joined the Senate in the passage of JRS098: Urging US DEA and US Congress to reconsider Federal policies that restrict the cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp and related products.

Lawmaker From Strandburg Won’t Give Up on Hemp

Posted on May 24, 2000

Despite the South Dakota Legislature’s rejection of two measures to allow growth and marketing of industrial hemp in South Dakota, a supporter of the effort says he’s not giving up. Rep. Bob Weber, R-Strandburg, who is a farmer, says legalization of hemp could help ensure the survival of some family farms.

The Illinois Industrial Hemp Act vs. the Illinois Drug Education Alliance

Posted on April 15, 2000

Partially as a result of a misinformation campaign mounted by the Illinois Drug Education Alliance (IDEA) the Illinois Industrial Hemp Act (Senate Bill 1397, House Bill 3559) has currently stalled in the House of Representatives. After sailing through the Illinois Senate Ag Committee 6 to 0, the full Senate 49 to 9 and the House Ag Committee 11 to 4 the bill has been removed from the House agenda until after the November elections.

Maryland House and Senate Pass Industrial Hemp Bill

Posted on April 6, 2000

An industrial hemp bill establishing a four-year pilot program passed the Maryland House of Delegates on March 31 with a 128-8 vote, and unanimously passed the Maryland Senate April 3.

Crime prevention concerns smoke hemp bill in House

Posted on April 1, 2000

The Crime Prevention Committee in the state House of Representatives killed a bill that might have allowed the University to grow industrial hemp. The committee voted down the bill 10-7 on Tuesday amid concerns voiced by Tim McCormick, head of the US Drug Enforcement Agency in Minneapolis. McCormick said his organization does not discern between marijuana and industrial hemp, and that legalizing hemp could send the wrong message to youth.

Death Knell Likely for Hemp

Posted on March 30, 2000

Industrial hemp will be grown and studied in several states during the next two years, but probably not in Kentucky.

Minnesota’s dope idea

Posted on March 30, 2000

Legislators sat around a table late into the evening passing around a bag of hemp—hemp chips, that is. Legislators in the House Agriculture Committee were debating the merits of a bill that would allow the University to conduct research on industrial hemp. Made from the same plant as marijuana—cannabis sativa L.—the product is thus illegal to grow.

Other states addressing legalization of industrial hemp

Posted on March 28, 2000

As the Battle to legalize hemp flounders in the commonwealth, other states also are considering and passing legislation that will legalize the crop in one form or another.