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Ex-governors back hemp as crop

Posted on March 15, 2000

It was an unlikely setting for an unlikely event: Four former governors gathered in the bar at The Coach House restaurant in Lexington yesterday to say they support a bill that would allow Kentucky farmers to grow hemp.

House Committee Approves Hemp Bill, Prosperity’s seed or insidious weed?

Posted on March 10, 2000

Legislation aimed at creating a Kentucky industry around hemp — don’t call it marijuana — was approved by a House committee Thursday. The long, willowy hemp plant has a market among manufacturers as a fiber for paper, fabric — even interior panels of Ford vehicles, supporters said.

Hemp bill heads to full House

Posted on March 10, 2000

A bill that would allow Kentucky farmers to grow hemp squeaked out of the House Agriculture and Small Business Committee yesterday, but appears unlikely to become law.

Hemp Supporters Hang Hopes on Bill

Posted on March 4, 2000

Frankfort Industrial hemp, a cousin to marijuana but without that plant’s psychedelic kick, might return to Kentucky farms after an absence of about 60 years. House Bill 855, filed last week, would legalize industrial hemp farming and establish a continuing study of the crop’s agricultural potential.

Illinois Drug Education Alliance Letter

Posted on February 10, 2000

The Illinois Drug Education Alliance (IDEA) is extremely concerned about the Illinois Industrial Hemp bill, HR553. IDEA’s only mission is drug-free children, and the Hemp bill has serious implications for increasing drug use.

Illinois Industrial Hemp Task Force Update and Review

Posted on January 31, 2000

The Industrial Hemp Task Force was made up of Republican and Democratic appointees representing a broad range of agricultural, business, academic and law enforcement professionals.

Illinois Industrial Hemp Investigative and Advisory Task Force Report

Posted on January 26, 2000

The Industrial Hemp Investigative and Advisory Task Force was created to study the economic viability of industrial hemp production in Illinois, to identify any legal or other obstacles to industrial hemp production, and to make recommendations.

Plan to Legalize Hemp Gets Mixed Reviews at Committee Hearing

Posted on January 21, 2000

In 1999, The Body Shop bought $108,553 worth of hempseed oil. We anticipate this figure will almost double in the coming year,” the letter reads. Mark Lathrop, a Chesterfield farmer, said Roddick promised to buy his entire crop of hempseed if the bill passes.

The State Legislature Gave Initial Approval on Jan. 5 to a Bill that Could Legalize a Hemp Industry Here

Posted on January 16, 2000

Much of the interest appears to be economic. Hemp, according to industry estimates, grosses between $308 and $410 an acre, about three times as much as wheat. Still, opponents include many in the law enforcement industry, as well as the Legislature.

House Gives Initial OK to Legalized Hemp Industry

Posted on January 6, 2000

House lawmakers yesterday stunned law enforcers by giving initial approval to a bill legalizing the hemp industry in New Hampshire. Opponents said they would seek to overturn the House decision as soon as this afternoon, while law enforcement officials vowed to renew their fight against the bill.