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Skepticism greets plan to raise hemp instead of tobacco

Posted on December 5, 2000

Maryland is pushing ahead with plans for a pilot project to examine industrial hemp as an alternative to tobacco — even though most of the officials associated with the project have doubts about the crop’s potential.

A hazy future

Posted on July 9, 2000

Tobacco farmers, who face giving up the crop upon which Colonial Maryland’s economy was built, are struggling to answer one burning question: What could they grow that could possibly be as profitable? Some growers of the region’s distinct burley have already turned to vegetables and fruits. Others are looking at everything from wine grapes to beer hops and even hemp, the relative of marijuana. And still others will stick with tobacco until the market goes up in smoke.

Woman Crusades Against Hemp Law

Posted on June 12, 2000

Joyce D Nalepka’s battle against marijuana began in 1977 with a Kiss. When she went to the rock band’s concert with her two sons, she saw the pervasiveness of pot and a drug culture that threatened children.

Maryland Authorizes the Production of Hemp

Posted on May 19, 2000

Maryland yesterday became the fourth state in the nation to authorize the production of hemp, a hardy fibrous crop with many commercial uses that sponsors hope will offer Maryland farmers a profitable alternative to tobacco.

Maryland House and Senate Pass Industrial Hemp Bill

Posted on April 6, 2000

An industrial hemp bill establishing a four-year pilot program passed the Maryland House of Delegates on March 31 with a 128-8 vote, and unanimously passed the Maryland Senate April 3.

Industrial Hemp Bill Adopted by Maryland House of Delegates

Posted on March 21, 2000

Establishing a 4 and one-half year pilot program to study the growth and marketing of industrial hemp; providing for the purpose of the pilot program; requiring the Secretary of Agriculture to administer the pilot program in consultation with specified State and federal agencies; requiring the Secretary to ensure safe cultivation of industrial hemp by conducting specified activities; providing that only State property may be used to grow industrial hemp; etc.