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Drug warriors may need to hire a botany expert

Posted on August 29, 2000

National Guardsmen were pretty high on themselves last week when they burned 35,000 stalks of marijuana growing wild on a private pasture south of Hastings as part of “Operation Emerald Harvest.” As one staff sergeant joked to Pioneer Press reporter Hannah Allam, “We’re breaking some hearts today.”

Nader comes calling on Ventura

Posted on July 14, 2000

Two of the biggest third-party political names in the country met Friday to commiserate over how tough it is to get funding, recognition and their names on the ballot, and to brainstorm about making it better. Ventura and Nader, a longtime consumer advocate, talked about legalizing industrial hemp, getting better ballot access for third parties and lowering the cutoff from 15 percent to 5 percent support for allowing candidates into national debates.

Crime prevention concerns smoke hemp bill in House

Posted on April 1, 2000

The Crime Prevention Committee in the state House of Representatives killed a bill that might have allowed the University to grow industrial hemp. The committee voted down the bill 10-7 on Tuesday amid concerns voiced by Tim McCormick, head of the US Drug Enforcement Agency in Minneapolis. McCormick said his organization does not discern between marijuana and industrial hemp, and that legalizing hemp could send the wrong message to youth.

Minnesota’s dope idea

Posted on March 30, 2000

Legislators sat around a table late into the evening passing around a bag of hemp—hemp chips, that is. Legislators in the House Agriculture Committee were debating the merits of a bill that would allow the University to conduct research on industrial hemp. Made from the same plant as marijuana—cannabis sativa L.—the product is thus illegal to grow.

University of Minnesota researchers seek paper-making alternatives

Posted on March 13, 2000

One of the most useful and intriguing materials on earth is being run through the mill of change. Paper is used by nearly everyone, every day. But as the Internet increasingly becomes a primary source of information, the need for paper in the 21st century is called into question.

Two Hemp Processing Companies Chempco has 40 on Payroll; 12 At Cannabis, Inc

Posted on December 31, 1937

Two hemp processing companies brought to Winona in 1937 a new industry here for which the promoters see a good future development bringing an increase in jobs for Winona employees and a new and profitable cash crop for Winona area farmers.