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North American Industrial Hemp Council letter to the DEA

Posted on December 28, 2000

We are informing the NAIHC membership of a letter that has been mailed from NAIHC to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) concerning their proposed new rules affecting hemp foods and body car products.

Activists Denounce DEA Plan to Ban Hemp Foods, Federal Raid on Pine Ridge Reservation

Posted on September 4, 2000

Andy Kerr and Jeff Gain, board members of the North American Industrial Hemp Council, as well as Joe American Horse will be available afterward to answer questions.

Hemp Foods and Workplace Drug Testing Not in Conflict, New Study Finds

Posted on August 1, 2000

Persons who frequently consume food items containing hemp seeds and oil are very unlikely to fail a workplace urine test for marijuana. This is the main finding of a recent toxicological study commissioned by the Agricultural Research and Development Initiative (ARDI), a program funded by the Canadian federal and the Manitoba provincial governments; the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC), and several manufacturers of hemp foods.

THC Hemp Foods Study to be Released

Posted on March 15, 2000

Results from the first systematic scientific study of the effects of hemp foods on the outcome of workplace drug tests will be released in May 2000. The study is sponsored by the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC), a Canadian governmental agricultural research program, and several North American producers and distributors of hemp products.

CGP strengthens its role in the hemp industry

Posted on April 13, 1999

Consolidated Growers & Processors Inc. (CGP) has announced a series of corporate developments strengthening its role as the world’s first multinational industrial hemp company. A public venture formed in 1997 to expand the global market for hemp, CGP is accelerating its activities worldwide: completing its capital formation and strategic development, appointing a new executive management team and forging affiliations with farmers, researchers, manufacturers and even the United Nations in its conviction that hemp will one day be traded as commonly as wheat or cotton.

Hemp and Marijuana

Posted on February 27, 1998

Surely no member of the vegetable kingdom has ever been more misunderstood than hemp. For too many years, emotion — not reason — has guided our policy toward this crop. And nowhere have emotions run hotter than in the debate over the distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana. This paper is intended to inform that debate by offering scientific evidence, so that farmers, policy makers, manufacturers, and the general public can distinguish between myth and reality.

North American Industrial Hemp Council Industrial Hemp Facts Sheet

Posted on October 15, 1997

The fact sheet on industrial hemp as compiled by North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC).