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New Hampshire House OKs hemp farming

Posted on March 7, 2012

Concord, NH — The New Hampshire House is giving the nod to hemp farmers after passing a bill to protect industrial hemp from being tagged as an illicit drug. The bill, which passed the House Wednesday without debate, would forbid industrial hemp, a botanical cousin to marijuana, from being listed as a controlled substance. It […]

Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Posted on April 15, 2005

In support of the upcoming Earth Day, we at The Clock find it imperative to highlight the most significant agricultural, environmental, and economic opportunity that has been suppressed by amoral corporate entities and their legislative lackeys.

New Hampshire considers legalizing hemp

Posted on April 10, 2005

If the bill were to pass the Senate, Morgan said he would expect the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police to lobby the governor for a veto — if the lobbying hasn’t started already.

Is Hemp Like Pot?

Posted on March 24, 2005

New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free Or Die” and yesterday House lawmakers said that includes the right to grow hemp, a close relative of marijuana.

Hemp growing approved by House

Posted on March 24, 2005

The House voted Wednesday to allow farmers to grow hemp — a close relative of marijuana — despite federal hurdles to planting the controversial crop.

House Votes To Allow Farmers To Grow Hemp

Posted on March 23, 2005

The New Hampshire House voted Wednesday to allow farmers to grow hemp.

Hemp Legislation Introduced Into New Hampshire House of Representatives

Posted on January 7, 2005

The hearing for the New Hampshire Hemp Bill (HB 55) has been changed to Tuesday, February 1, 2005 at 10am in the Legislative Office Building, Room 303 of the NH General Court.

Legislator Appeals for Common Sense

Posted on October 17, 2000

I was a co-sponsor of HB 1576-FN-A in 1998 and sponsor of HB 239-FN-A in 1999 both relative to the growing of industrial hemp. I sent a letter to all US Senators dated September 27, 1999, only three, yes three out of one hundred Senators even gave me the courtesy of a reply. Their response was stereotypical Drug Enforcement Agency.

New Hampshire hemp advocates seek day in court

Posted on August 14, 2000

A Hopkinton farmer and a state advocacy group have taken their quest to grow hemp to the U.S. Supreme Court. The case is the first hemp lawsuit to reach the nation’s highest court, their lawyer, Gordon Blackeney of Concord, said. The lawsuit was filed June 27 and the court has yet to decide whether to accept it. The Supreme Court hears only a tiny fraction of cases filed — about 100 out of more than 7,000 filed in a year.

Hemp group takes case to top court

Posted on June 27, 2000

With rekindled hopes for winning its battle to legally cultivate hemp, the New Hampshire Hemp Council yesterday appealed to a higher power — the US Supreme Court. Since the 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals in March rejected the claim that hemp is distinct from marijuana and therefore not prohibited under federal law, the group petitioned the high court to review the case during its October term.