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Hemp-growing trial to be sited in Catlins Project attracting worldwide interest

Posted on June 21, 2004

The project, which Mr McIntosh terms as a “proof of concept,” will aim to prove the venture can be economic. There has been strong interest from Asian and European companies keen to exploit some of hemp’s skincare by-products.

Flax seed oil demand grows

Posted on September 7, 2000

Organic farmer David Musgrave has a winner on his hands with flax seed oil, but he can’t get enough farmers to grow the seed. From doing everything himself five years ago, he now employs nine full-time people and three or four part-timers in oil production on the family farm at Waihi Bush near Geraldine. About 30,000 litres were produced last year.

This isn’t the kind of joint where we grow cannabis

Posted on August 27, 2000

Roger, however, explains that despite its reputation, hemp offers farmers like me numerous benefits as an industrial crop. There is a growing demand for the stuff (this I think I already knew) and not only for attitude adjustment but for use in animal bedding, paper manufacture and rope making. Furthermore, it can be grown satisfactorily even on the sort of poor quality soil that I have in abundance.

South Islanders have high hopes for hemp harvest

Posted on August 10, 2000

The South Island could produce top-quality hemp-seed oils for export, says a South Canterbury grower wanting to trial industrial hemp. The possibility that industrial hemp may soon be growing in paddocks around New Zealand moved a step closer two weeks ago when Customs Minister Phillida Bunkle agreed in principle to trials. Customs officials will meet industry representatives on August 21 to work out a trial framework.

Local market for hemp likely

Posted on August 8, 2000

What do Jesus Christ, Woody Harrelson, and Queen Victoria have in common? Apart from being famous, they have all used cannabis in some form. Jesus wore it, Woody grows it, and Queen Victoria smoked it to alleviate “the curse.”

Hemp friendly

Posted on July 31, 2000

Former flax centres such as Foxton in the Manawatu could be the best areas for cropping hemp, advocates of the fibre crop, including Greens co-leader Rod Donald, say. Last week, the Government signalled that licences for growing hemp could be issued soon for crops to be planted in the spring.

Success for New Zealand hemp “will depend on price”

Posted on July 31, 2000

The success of New Zealand grown industrial hemp as an insulation material will depend on its price, says a supporter of moves to allow the crop to be grown here.

Foxton is tops for hemp

Posted on July 29, 2000

Foxton could be the best region locally for cropping hemp. The former flax town has the right soil and best climate for growing industrial hemp, which needs a dry, friable soil and plenty of sunshine.

Trials for industrial hemp gain approval

Posted on July 28, 2000

Industrial hemp trials might be planted this season after Customs Minister Phillida Bunkle gave her officials the go-ahead to start negotiations. Ms Bunkle, who had agreed in principle to the trials, said yesterday that Customs officials would meet industry representatives on August 21 to work out a trials framework.

Planting of hemp moves step closer

Posted on July 28, 2000

Industrial hemp may soon be planted legally after an announcement from Customs Minister Phillida Bunkle that she agrees in principle to trials of the crop. Customs officials will meet industry representatives on August 21. “More work will need to be done on developing a framework for how the trials will be conducted and which Government agency will be responsible for controlling the trial plots through a licensing system,” Ms. Bunkle said.