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Hempseed company scouts future markets

Posted on November 9, 2000

In a province plagued by brain drain, it’s refreshing to receive a little injection of grey matter. Saskatchewan’s brain gain is courtesy of Jason Freeman, a young entrepreneur from Vancouver who recently moved his hemp business to Regina. The Saskatchewan Hemp Association, the provincial Agri-Food Equity Fund and a hempseed supplier called Gen-X Research Inc. influenced Freeman’s decision to relocate.

New process for wonder plant

Posted on October 3, 2000

America’s first president George Washington grew it some years before convict Australia exported it while motoring tycoon Henry Ford made and ran a car from it. Now a Melbourne business has revolutionised a technique to process it.

Chinese COS Begin Construction of 2,500 Ton Fiber Production Line

Posted on September 28, 2000

A 2,500 ton hemp fiber production line, jointly funded by the Lanxi Ramie Raw Materials Company and the Jiamusi Hemp Machinery Manufacturing Plant, recently started construction in Lanxi County, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province.

Holocaust Survivor Compensated

Posted on August 15, 2000

Holocaust survivor Boris Abel survived more than four years in concentration camps. The Nazis killed two of his sisters. And his factory, his offices and his home in Lithuania were taken from him during the war.

Hemp growers still waiting for acceptance

Posted on July 24, 2000

Larry Davis doesn’t discourage easily. That’s why he’s still planting hemp, even though he knows he won’t make any money. “You start with a clean field,” he says, “plant the seed and basically walk away.”

Hemp factory boost for farmers

Posted on July 13, 2000

A high-tech business processing hemp for the manufacturing industry could help transform the prospects for cash-strapped farmers in Wales. Welsh Assembly Agriculture Secretary Christine Gwyther will open the Bio-fibre factory near Caernarfon, which will create 15 jobs.

Kafus Launches “Natural” Solution To World’s Oily Waste Water Environmental Problem

Posted on April 18, 2000

Each year up to 140,000 tons of kenaf core could be used to separate oil from water and then reclaimed as biomass fuel with BTU value equal to coal.

CGP strengthens its role in the hemp industry

Posted on April 13, 1999

Consolidated Growers & Processors Inc. (CGP) has announced a series of corporate developments strengthening its role as the world’s first multinational industrial hemp company. A public venture formed in 1997 to expand the global market for hemp, CGP is accelerating its activities worldwide: completing its capital formation and strategic development, appointing a new executive management team and forging affiliations with farmers, researchers, manufacturers and even the United Nations in its conviction that hemp will one day be traded as commonly as wheat or cotton.

Structural changes in hemp fibers as a result of enzymatic hydrolysis with mixed enzyme systems

Posted on April 1, 1999

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) was most likely the first plant cultivated by mankind for its textile use. Fast growing and not very demanding as to climate, soil quality, and nutrients, hemp was farmed all over the world until its ban in the 1930s by most Western countries due to increasing drug-related problems.

Conde & Seber: Building Toward The Future With Hemp

Posted on July 1, 1994

All over the Pacific Northwest one can see the effects of the massive deforestation that’s been taking place out there during the past 20 years. Whole valleys and mountainsides have been clear-cut — stripped of all plant life — to meet our insatiable demand for fiber, paper and wood. So when High Times learned that Bill Conde, a longtime hemp activist who once ran for governor of Oregon, was researching making an alternative to plywood utilizing hemp, we decided to look into it.