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Hemp Fiber Enzyme Development Presentation from Hemptown Clothing provides insight into Biotech advances

Posted on July 27, 2004

Hemptown Clothing Inc., a leading provider of enviro-friendly hemp fabric clothing is pleased to announce that its recent presentation with the National Research Council of Canada provided excellent documentation regarding the impact of NRC’s xylanase engineering on the Pulp & Paper Industry, and how such a similar enzyme may work with hemp fiber.

Cover Me With Hemp

Posted on July 8, 2004

National Research Council (NRC) technology could help clothe Canadian athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, B.C. and help pave the way for a range of advanced products made with industrial hemp, such as auto parts and airplane fuselages.

Hemp-growing trial to be sited in Catlins Project attracting worldwide interest

Posted on June 21, 2004

The project, which Mr McIntosh terms as a “proof of concept,” will aim to prove the venture can be economic. There has been strong interest from Asian and European companies keen to exploit some of hemp’s skincare by-products.

New South Wales to extend hemp production trials

Posted on May 9, 2004

The New South Wales Government is extending its trials of commercial hemp production but has warned anyone interested in growing the crop that it only contains low levels of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Hemp production trials extended

Posted on May 9, 2004

Trials of commercial hemp production would continue in New South Wales (NSW) despite the limited success of tests underway since 1995, State MP Steve Whan said.

Teen scientists take home $13,000 in awards

Posted on May 5, 2004

Xinchen Wang of the University of Toronto Schools also won this award for research on the ability of a particular species of fungus to break down hemp into pulp. Her findings may have commercial value in the hemp industry and in the pulp and paper industry.

Hemp breeding coming of age

Posted on May 5, 2004

Dragla, a Ridgetown College plant breeder and probably Canada’s leading hemp specialist, just returned from a trip down under to work with the Aussies to develop hemp seeds that would grow well in a subtropical climate.

New South Wales researchers experiment with cannabis “mop-crop”

Posted on April 28, 2004

Genevieve Hussey reports on the unlikely plant that’s now being touted as the answer to one of Australia’s biggest environmental problems.

Man, that’s good sewage — but hemp trial has dope dealers in a spin

Posted on March 6, 2004

If Keith Bolton has his way, hemp — the great symbol of the hippy North Coast — will be coming to a sewage treatment plant near you very soon. And to your wardrobe, your pantry, your car and your medicine cabinet.

Hemp saves sea from sewage dumps

Posted on February 12, 2004

Hemp crops can be used to mop up troublesome sewage effluent that would otherwise be dumped at sea, say Australian researchers.