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2nd Annual Lakota Hemp Days

Posted on July 19, 2004

You’re Invited: Alex White Plume, his family, Hemphasis Magazine, the South Dakota Industrial Hemp Council, and those involved with the Lakota Hemp Project invite you to attend the 2nd Annual Lakota Hemp Days on the Pine Ridge Reservation this August 25th through 29th.

Bob Newland Enters South Dakota’s US Senate Race

Posted on April 26, 2004

Newland maintains that a single issue — industrial hemp production — provides examples of virtually everything that’s wrong with US policy towards Indians, and towards the rest of us as well.

Hemp Industries Association 2003 Convention Report

Posted on August 28, 2003

Gathering at Kiza Park on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, fifty hemp entrepreneurs and activists were welcomed by the White Plume family to their Lakota cultural center. We came with intent to support sovereignty for all people, and specifically for this tribe whose laws allow industrial hemp cultivation (one of sixteen in the USA). Alex and Debra White Plume’s family was terrorized by the DEA three years ago and today they continue to fight for the right to grow a plant that can feed, clothe, and house their family.

Seeds of hope

Posted on May 1, 2003

Jake Bowers describes hemp’s potential to transform agriculture and the plant’s demonisation by huge and competing industrial interests.

Kentucky hemp helps Oglala Sioux building project

Posted on December 18, 2000

Standing beneath the sculpted faces of four presidents, former Republican Governor Louie B. Nunn of Kentucky turned over a trailer load of industrial hemp to Milo Yellowhair of Pine Ridge.

Tribe gets hemp gift

Posted on November 29, 2000

The scene at the state Capitol was a bit strange even by Frankfort standards. Former Governor Louie Nunn, a republican, stood at a lectern yesterday with four members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, who’d spent the previous 24 hours driving to Kentucky from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Lakota Indians Defying DEA; Accepts Kentucky Co-op’s Offer to Replace Destroyed Hemp Crop

Posted on November 26, 2000

Last August 24, in the centuries-old tradition of trampling on Native American rights, armed DEA agents invaded sovereign Lakota land and confiscated two hemp crops growing on the poverty-stricken Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Despite the DEA’s destruction of this crop, the Lakota Housing Project will soon be back on schedule.

Kentucky Hemp Growers Co-op offering to replace Lakota Indian’s hemp destroyed by Drug Enforcement Agents

Posted on October 12, 2000

In a pre-dawn raid on August 24, 2000, thirty-three (33) heavily armed Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA) trespassed onto the sovereign Lakota Nation at Pine Ridge and destroyed two industrial hemp crops being grown as a commercial venture under tribal ordinance. As it turns out the loss of the plant material, which was going to be used for composite construction materials, will not slow down the Lakota Hemp Project.

Analysis: Hemp seizure by federal agents on Indian reservation prompts review of tribal sovereignty and the legality of growing industrial hemp

Posted on September 26, 2000

A raid by federal agents on an Indian reservation in South Dakota is testing the limits of tribal sovereignty. Last month, DEA agents seized hemp plants being grown by the Oglala Sioux tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Give Us Back Our Hemp!

Posted on September 11, 2000

People gathered to show their support for the members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who had been trying to add industrial hemp to the paucity of cash crops grown on the nearby Pine Ridge Reservation. They came together to protest the draconian seizure of the hemp that had been growing in two plots on Pine Ridge.