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Maintaining her rage

Posted on November 6, 2000

If activism is the rent we pay for being on the planet, as the slogan goes, then Anita Roddick pays a lot of rent. The 57-year-old beggars description — environmentalist, human rights activist, leftie, international celebrity, anthropologist, educator and entrepreneur. All fit. Even with all her hats on, she still has more dynamism, energy and passion to bring to her work and life.

What’s the message in a bottle at The Body Shop?

Posted on October 25, 2000

Last week, Anita Roddick told the Cheltenham Literature Festival that: “Moisturisers do work, but the rest is complete pap.” The newspapers immediately rushed off to Selfridges’ cosmetic department to find out which were the best moisturisers, and which expensive cleansers and toners qualified as the pap.

Naturally beautiful

Posted on September 1, 1998

Hemp Oil from the seeds of Cannabis sativa is extremely high in essential fatty acidsideal for parched lips, hands, and feet. Try Hemp Elbow Grease by the Body Shop.